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A few weeks ago, I posted my current to-do list and several projects that I want to tackle in the near term.  On the list was my plan to transform my bedroom armoire with a little bit of wrapping paper, using inspiration from Young House Love.  File this under "things I should have done about 3 years ago" - the project was one of the easiest things I have ever done!  And the impact in the room is huge.  All told, it took about 20 minutes from start to finish.  Not bad.

I started with two Aneboda wardrobes from Ikea, which I purchased in 2007.  They were very inexpensive (I think they were about $150 total for the large double sized one and the smaller one).  I desperately needed more closet space, so I bought a closet rail at Lowes for about $5 and added it to the larger armoire.  I wasn't happy with the handles that came with the armoires, so I simply switched them out and bought the nicer silver ones from Lowes.  Three years later and the armoires are going strong.  Thank you Ikea!

The big problem (at least to me): those panels in front are translucent.  I absolutely hated that I could see my clothes through them.  Here they are before.

So, I happened upon the post in Young House Love, where they transformed the exact same armoires with just a little wrapping paper.  Score.  It took me awhile to find the right color and print, but finally I found the perfect one at Target (gray and white and absolutely no glitter) and was ready to go to work.  Here's what you'll need: roll of wrapping paper, yardstick, permanent double-sided tape, scissors.

I tweaked the procedure that the Young House Love folks used.  Because I use these armoires every single day, many times per day (and they really only used their armoire for storage in the basement), I felt I needed to cut my wrapping paper to fit the panel.  This took a little longer, but I think there is less chance of ripping the paper.  I measured the width and length of each panel.

Once I had my measurements, I rolled out the paper and cut them to size.  I was careful but also realized it didn't have to be completely perfect, since the panel wasn't completely see-through.  Then, I put the double sided tape along the perimeter of the inside panel doors.  I cut the tape to size at the top and bottom and along the sides, I used a few strips.  I put the paper (print side out!) at the top of the panel and worked my way down.

I gently pressed the paper into place and then checked my work.  Voila!  Here they are now.  I am happy to report the paper completely blocks the contents of the armoires.

Do you have any craftastic projects you've tackled lately (or do you have any that you need some help with)?  Please share!

See you swoon,

{Note: apologies for the poor quality photos!  I am in the process of buying a new camera that doesn't make me want to scream and throw it across the room}

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