Home Swoon Home: Hot Hot Hot!

In my next few posts I will be showing you my home just like Shanna has and will do this week, but today I will bring you into my fireplace obsession and show you all the ideas that I have swirling in my mind. Right now I have a wall of exposed brick which I love but I always have the desire just to tweak things just a bit, not even a brick wall can stop me.

Right now I just have one full brick wall that I would like to alter into a design similar to the pictures below. I have grand plans to add two long windows on either side to let the light come in and brighten up the space. There are many tricks I have up my sleeve to make this space warm and inviting but they will have to wait for the warmer weather to make an appearance again so stay tuned (that is if my husband allows me to cut a few holes in the wall).

So which fireplace do you like best?

River rock fireplace in Young Lake, BC

See you swoon,

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