Swoon-Worthy Find: Maybelline Falsies Mascara & Almay Make-Up Remover

I cannot say enough about this mascara, I am pretty sure I have tried every mascara known to man on a life long hunt for long luscious lashes that have that curl we all know we want naturally, and the thick volume that makes them stand out. OK, so this may be a little over the top for every day but if I had to choose one item from my make-up bag that I could use every day it would be mascara.

I personally love waterproof mascara (as long is it does not flake), the reason is because I, like many other women, need to curl my lashes and the waterproof mascara seems to dry much faster and does not weigh the lash down as much. In the beginning I have found all mascara is a bit too wet so it is hard to fuss with it too much but after a few uses it is the perfect consistency and really works the way it advertises. Try it out and let me know what you think.

To go along with any make-up and especially waterproof make-up you need to have a good make-up remover. Almay Oil Free liquid remover is great on a cotton ball for eye make-up removal. Almay also makes make-up remover cloths that are pretty good too. The best combo that works for me is using this eye make-up remover and then just a good old fashioned rinse with face wash and water does the trick. I hope you get a chance to test these out. Send your beauty tricks our way!

See you swoon,

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