Another Lamp Re-do: Champagne Wishes ...

... caviar dreams? Isn't that the saying from Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous? I used to love that show.

Happy Black Friday - anyone out and about hunting for deals and steals?!  Not me - I'm home decorating the new digs for Christmas!

I have lamp transformation up today!  This is another lamp that I bought from our former neighbors who moved out of state (the first lamp was featured here).  Here is today's lamp in its before state. 

This lamp is pretty substantial in size, so I had to figure out where to put it in the house.  I also had to figure out what to do with the base ... I knew I wanted to paint it, but was not sure what color.  So I waited a bit and then the answer became clear: I would put it on the desk and move the desk lamp (another redo I featured here) upstairs to the table in the hallway landing.  Here is the first lamp on the desk:

I love this lamp [I love lamp] but it felt a little too small on the desk.  Also, my color palette in this room is quickly shifting to creams, whites and soft metallics like brushed golds and nickels.  See how it is shaping up?

So, I moved the lamp out and decided to paint this lamp a soft metallic.  I went with Krylon Brushed Metallic Spray Paint in Champagne Nouveau, which I hoped would be a cross between nickel and gold.  I got it at Michaels for $5.99 and used a 40% off coupon.    

I lightly sprayed the lamp and harp and was pleased that the color, in fact, is a perfect cross between brushed nickel and brushed gold.  See?

Finding a shade for this puppy was a challenge!  But I found one where I seem to have really good luck with lampshades: Lowe's!  This one was only $10.  I needed something very tall but not too wide or flared.  This fit the bill perfectly.  And the price was terrific.  Here it is!

Much better!  It's a great spot for it, and I really just love that warm metallic finish.  This room is coming together!  I need (desperately) to get some art on the walls and to reupholster that green pleather chair.  I have the fabric (white cotton duck) and will do a distressed finish on the wood to match the cute ottoman that I picked up at Target above.  Maybe by Christmas?  mmm, maybe not.

What about you? Have you tackled any fast n' easy projects lately?  I'd love to hear!

See you swoon,


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