My [Town] Home: the current tour!

Last week, I gave you a little tour of my new townhome in its "before" state.  It was for sale in addition to being for rent (I am renting), so I was able to grab the listing pictures from the internet.  I have lived here for three months and it is really starting to shape up and feel like home.  Here are the pictures of how the place looks now.  [Note: I am working on adding the before and current pictures to my tab at the top of the blog].

Living Room/Dining Room

The main living area is a huge open space, which I love.  The layout of the room was a challenge though: it's long and narrow, and the television could really only go on the one wall.  I had to play around with furniture placement to have it make sense, and I think it works.  I need to add pictures and get a coffee table or ottoman(s) that work in the space and I'm going to add a shelf over the fireplace as well.  But for now, I am happy with how the room looks and feels. 


The entryway is a small little nook near the front door.  I desperately need to paint that table and I'd like to add a matching larger rug and runner in the space.

Upstairs Deck

I've brought in some furniture and pots up here, as well as an outdoor carpet that I got for a steal at Target.  I am hoping to add a grill soon, too.  


I am doing my best with what I've got in the kitchen.  I added a few rugs and my own things.  I brought in a table and chairs from IKEA for the breakfast area (I am going to paint the chairs white and upholster the seats).  I also added some curtains to the windows.  I hated to block the light, but I needed privacy for sure, since the front kitchen window overlooks the parking lot.  These curtains are translucent, so they block the view but not the light. 

Half Bath

I am so happy with how this space turned out.  Recall that when I moved in, the room was painted purple.  I painted it Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, which I think is the absolute perfect grey tone.  Because this room has no natural light, I had them cut the color by 50% and I am thrilled with how it looks on the wall.  I added yellow and white accents and some mercury glass.   I removed the old plumbing-supply looking towel bar and relocated the replacement towel ring to the small wall near the sink. I think it makes more sense here.  

Master Bedroom

I am really happy with my bedroom.  I bought a new set: nightstands, bed and dresser, all in a creamy white.  I love how soft and feminine the room is.  I have curtains for the windows - just need to put them up! 

Master Bathroom

I basically just moved my stuff into this space.  I am showing you all the angles so you can appreciate how bad this wallpaper truly is. 

Big's Room

Big picked out his bedding - he loves the red.  I was able to reuse the rug and lampshade from his room in my first home.  I made the upholstered headboard recently and have fabric (baseballs) ready to go for a valence over his window.  I have more art to hang in here.  

Little's Room

Little also chose her own bedding.  I love it, but it felt a little too old fashioned for me.  I decided to add some brighter pink and more modern fabrics to make the space a little less fussy.  I am really happy with how her room looks.  I need to do more in here (and the artwork will all move around), but we are off to a good start. I made the headboard the same day that I made Big's.


I have a lot more to do down here, and some of the toys are still in boxes, but I am getting there.  I used the little nook under the stairs for my craft supplies.  I love how perfectly they fit there!

Downstairs Patio

My parents helped me with this space.  They came over one day while I was at work and weeded and trimmed and pruned for me. So nice!  I added my adirondack chairs and that's about it.  The space is so great.  I hope to put it to more use soon.  

And there you have it!  The full tour of my home as it looks now.  I will keep posting updates as I do them - I have lots and lots of good stuff planned.

See you swoon,

My [Town] House Tour

I am really excited to show you around my new home.  It is a three-story townhome with three bedrooms and two and a half baths, kitchen, big open living room/dining room, upstairs deck, a downstairs den that opens to a lovely enclosed patio, and a nice big workroom!  I'll post the "before" pictures here and will update with current pictures soon. Enough chatter -- here are the before pictures - the good, the bad and the eighties.  

The outside is pretty nice.  Honestly, my favorite part is that I have to do zero maintenance.  

Here is the entryway.  Pretty basic.  I've since removed the little rug and that oddly placed bar of hooks.  The floor here is blue tile.  The walls throughout the house are a cool white with a decidedly blue undertone.  I have a feeling I'll be painting once I'm here a bit longer.   

Here are a whole bunch of perspectives of the living room/dining room.  I love the big french doors and all the light.  I also love the fireplace.  What do I not love?  The wall color, the 1980s feel of that staircase, the carpet, the strange location for the fireplace.  No worries.  It will all come together.  

Here is the deck off of the living room (the french doors open onto it).  I *love* the secluded view.  This is what sold me on the place: I don't look into anyone else's townhome.  I look at trees.  

Next up: the kitchen.  Oh boy.  The owners removed the wallpaper that is in this picture (thank goodness).  It's a great size, has a little eat-in area and is totally functional.  The floor is white tile (and impossible to keep clean) and the cabinets.  The cabinets.  Brown wood.  My poor broken white-paint loving heart.  

The half bath is right off the entryway.  When I moved in, it was painted purple.  It took me about a month before I repainted it (with my landlord's permission).  Here it is, though it's kind of hard to see the color.  See the towel bar that looks like plumbing supplies? Those are all over the house.  Yup.

How about we go down to the den?  This room was a huge bonus - I'll make it into a playroom/tv room for the kids.  So much open space.  I love it. 

Here is the downstairs patio.  Isn't it lovely?  I think next Spring I'll work on making this space pretty great.

Here is my workroom.  It has all the utilities in here, but it is also a huge storage/workroom area.  How perfect for me?  Obviously I need to whip this spot into shape.

Back upstairs, here is the upstairs hallway.  The master bedroom is in that doorway.  I need a piece of furniture to cozy it up and block that railing.

The Master Bedroom is large and light-filled.  I love it.  The ceiling fan is ... questionable.  My room is painted a basic white.  Of all the paint colors in the house, this one works the best. 

The master bath.  Ok.  It is a nice size and the floor and subway tile are gorgeous. It has updated fixtures.  But the wallpaper.   I have the permission of my landlord to take it down and paint and you can bet it will happen soon.  The current grey-white-black swirl screams 1982 bachelor pad.

The kids' bath is very blue: blue toilet, blue bathtub, blue accent tiles.  It's currently painted a pretty drab beige.  I'm going to paint it a crisp warm white very soon.  I figure I can't change the blue, so I'll work with it. 

Big's room is the smallest of the three bedrooms, but still a nice size. It is painted a matte white.  It works for now, but I would like to paint it a softer, warmer cream.  

Little's room is a bit larger than Big's.  It had navy blue mini blinds.  I will leave to your imagination what happened to those suckers.  Little's room is painted the same as Big's. 

Finally, the laundry closet is upstairs as well.  I can't begin to say how much I love this.  And you know me: I have some plans to update this little nook.

So there you have it! The full tour of my new house.  I've made a lot of progress in the few months that I've been living here.  I can't wait to show you how things look now!

See you swoon,