Art as easy as A-B-C

I am a typography nut.  I love fonts.  I love studying the differences and seeing how much a word can change just in the font that is used.  So, naturally, when I saw these framed prints of the alphabet in different fonts in an old Pottery Barn catalogue, I flipped.

View in Room

As with most things I see in Pottery Barn, I decided to try to DIY something similar vs. splurge for their version.  I knew I wanted to hang my DIY alphabet prints in our basement playroom.  It was so simple.  I bought three 11 x 14 frames at Ikea on the cheap. These were matted to 8x10 size, which made printing on 8.5 x 11 cardstock a breeze.  I used Word to type out the alphabet and did a few test prints on scrap paper to make sure it fit on the page and in the mat in the frame.  Then when it was good to go, I simply printed on some white cardstock.  I experimented with several fonts and chose the three I liked best.  Here they are in all their glory:

Don't they look lovely?   All told, I think the project cost around $20-$25, which was the price of the frames.  Have you done any Pottery Barn DIY projects? I'd love to hear!  I find as much inspiration in Pottery Barn catalogues as I do many of my glossy home decor magazines.

See you swoon,

{first image courtesy of Pottery Barn}


  1. I tried this too! Here are my four choices:


  2. Hi Samantha! Your prints look fantastic! Thanks for sharing them. :)