Textiles: West Elm

Ahhh West Elm. I just got my new catalog and went through every page within 2 minutes of opening it. So of course my next step was to jump on their website to see if there was anything I missed and to build a shopping bag of my favorite items.

Now that Kelly and I are somewhat settled into our new home we are having so much fun thinking of what do with each room. We definitely need some larger pieces of furniture to fill our space but shopping for fun, classic accessories has been a guilty pleasure of mine. Now that I have a place that I can add color to the walls the possibilities seem endless, how do you choose just one style? I wish I could change each room on a monthly basis so I could enjoy everything I see. Since that is not as realistic as I would like it to be I will try to contain myself through the internet and sharing ideas with you.

I hope you all enjoy this as much as I do, we would love to see your homes and your decor style so send them in and we would love to feature them.

A litte West Elm to wet your whistle:

Cast Metal Animals

Cast-Metal Animals

Medallion Jewlery Boxes

Medallion Jewelry Boxes

Chunky Wood Mirror

Chunky Wood Mirror

Vintage Radio (Seriously? I need this.)

Vintage Radio

Faux-Fur Throw (I could use about three of these right now)

Faux-Fur Throw

See you swoon,

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