House Tour: Jamie's House (Part III-Basement)

Here is the last stop in our house, the basement. I have mentioned before that basements give me the creepy crawleys but this basement is surprisingly cozy. If I do not find myself tearing up the stairs like a bat out of hell then I know it's a winner.

Stairs: I actually like the carpeting, I think it helps to make a basement feel "homey" and more inviting. The racks are nice to have for extra food storage and cleaning supplies.

Most of the basement is for storage with the exception to the beauty salon (the former owner was a hair stylist). Behind the sliding doors is the water heater and furnace...and a scary room that was added under the porch. We were told the seller used that as a playroom for their kids but they had to have been messing with us, I am not joking when I tell you it is a plain concrete room where the creature from the movie Goonies could have been chained up.

Laundry room: I was thrilled when the sellers decided to leave all the storage units, this thing is perfect for detergent, plastic bags etc.

Hair Salon: This is really the cats wash room. The sink is fully functional but I have yet to find anyone who will let me use it on them. Besides having this space to conceal the cat's litter it does not really have a purpose for us yet.

Half Bath: It is really great to have an extra half bath. For the past five years Kelly and I shared one bathroom which seemed fine at the time but now that we have had two for almost 2 months there is no going back (yes I know mom, another toilet, it's clean, I swear).

You have now seen the entire house with exception to the backyard, when it start to get warmer I will introduce you to the Koi pond. Everything needs a bit of work, a few tweeks here and there and it will be fun to have you along for the ride! Kelly and I plan on staying here for quite a while so if you have any ideas that you think will help us out please send them on over!!

See you swoon,

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