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A few weeks ago, I blogged about how different tones of wood flooring can completely change up a space.  Up today is a similar concept with another wood item: trim.  Does anyone really like painting trim?  Really?  Ugh.  I groan just thinking about it.  In the hierarchy of painting, walls are best; trim and ceilings are at the bottom.   But for something that is so tedious to paint, the impact that it has in a room is worth the effort.  Here are a slew of different rooms with different color trim.

White: white is the classic, traditional choice (and the favorite of yours truly).  It makes the woodwork pop and instantly makes a space feel crisp and clean.  Whites can run the gamut from pure bright white to a softer cream.  Choose whichever you like.  You really cannot go wrong with white.

Natural Wood: Notice how stark the contrast is between the above white trimmed rooms and the rooms below.  These natural wood trims give off a warm rustic, yet polished vibe.  If you have this kind of trim, choosing the right wall color is absolutely crucial.  Whereas white trim will work with nearly ever color in the rainbow, wood is a bit trickier.  But when it works, the payoff is huge.

Monotone Wall & Trim Color: And then there are rooms where the trim is the same color as the woodwork.  This is tricky.  When done well, it can knock it out of the park. When not done well ... well, it's pretty grim.  But as you can see in these rooms below, the perfect appointments and decor will make the trim color a non-issue.

Where do you fall on the great trim divide?

See you swoon,

{Images courtesy of (from top):;; vincent furniture;country living, real simple, my notting hill}

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