Before & After: Media Stand

Well first let me say, HAPPY THANKSGIVING! I cannot believe this holiday rolled around so fast this year! I know that this weekend, since Kelly will have had his turkey, we are getting our first Christmas tree!! I cannot wait for this and I am sure Kelly cannot wait either because all I talk about is this tree and decorating for the holiday. I will be sure to take pictures and show you all the decor.

While Kelly was coaching a swim meet last weekend I was supposed to be cleaning but as I sat in the den cleaning the coffee table I could not stand the sight of the TV stand and cable boxes everywhere. Instead of cleaning it seemed like a MUCH better idea to go to IKEA and find a solution for this. Here is my first before and after, a small project but it gave me instant gratification and the room feels that much more put together.

What do yout think? If you have some before and afters to share email them over to us!

Before (cable boxes and wires everywhere)


See you swoon,

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