House Tour: Jamie's House (Part II-Upstairs)

Today we are headed up the stairs to the second floor, I am going to warn you, the colors are bit crazy(except for my bedroom which Shanna and I just finished off) and there are smaller projects that could probably keep me busy for a lifetime but I am looking forward to every one of them. I am still getting used to the idea of actually painting when I want to, or making holes in the walls wherever I please, this is our home and we can do what we want which is the best part of owning a home!

Bathroom: This room is a bit small but is bright and very white so it works for now and has a clean feeling to it. It seems as though the previous owners painted all the tile white because there are some scrapes that reveal pink underneath and the entire shower is still pink. I would love to re-tile, get new flooring, and replace the sink, the current base of the sink has some water damage. I like keeping the bathroom door open because the big window sheds so much light on the stairway and hallway. Every time my mom comes over she shuts the door because she says I should not display my toilet to the entire world, she is right but I opt for the light and will deal with the idea of my toilet taking center stage (I mean I keep it clean so I have no shame!).

First Bedroom (Man's Room): For now this is Kelly's man lair. This is where he can play video games all day if his heart so desires and, l I guess just do man things whatever that may be. At this point he will be perfectly happy changing the color of the walls and getting a couple IKEA chairs. Eventually this will be a bedroom but that is down the line so for the time being I fear I will not have too much say in this room, however, the medicine cabinet that was there when we moved in is making an exit soon and I would like to hang more practical, eye pleasing shelves for his books and such. Crazy that I care this much about the guy's room!

Middle Bedroom: We have not quite figured out what to use this for yet...except for a kid one day. Right now it is just a dressing room and ironing room. It is nice that we have this extra space for the time being but I would like to create some sort of a guest room for family and friends. A full size bed will take up the entire room so that idea is out. A pull out couch could work but I am not totally sold on that yet either. So instead of just throwing furniture in there for the sake of putting a label on this room I will try to control myself and focus on other things.

Kelly snuck in just as the camera was going off!

Master Bedroom: If I only had my camera to show you what this mess looked like before Shanna and I got our hands on it. The ceiling and wall with the bed against it were dark green and then everything else, and I mean EVERYTHING else including woodwork and walls was a mustard yellow. It had to go, there was no other option. So here you see the bedroom design that I literally stole off the IKEA floor with exception to the TV stand, TV and the headboard which is still our old headboard. The only thing missing is our gold mirror that will go above the dresser, I will be sure to show that to you once we have it up. This room is so much brighter and really feels larger with the beautiful white woodwork and new white plantation blinds, I could not be happier with how this turned out.

I know you see that neon butternut squash color, OH YES, it is outta here.

So here you have it, I may show you the basement in a future post because I am actually pretty proud and love to show it off (I have never had a basement that I am not afraid of but this one does the trick). I hope you have enjoyed the tour so far and let us know what you think, we would love to hear your design ideas. If you want to send in pictures of your homes and projects you are working on we are happy to feature them for everyone to see!

See you swoon,

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