House Tour: Jamie's House (Part-I Downstairs)

OK, here we go. This week is your introduction to my first home. I know I walked into the house in the beginning loving every little detail and I recall saying, "everything is just perfect, I don't think I will change a thing", well, I still love my house but now that I have lived in it for a little over a month there are many things I want to do to make this my home.

So without further ado, welcome to my home (part I).

Front of the house: The stone is just beautiful. Two of our best friends, Andy, Mo and their baby, Kane, live on the other side that is attached to us in case you were curious about the neighbors (we loved them instantly). I have to say, having a front porch is much different than the balcony we had in the apartment, and there is a lot more action to watch as you drink a morning cup of coffee or an evening glass of wine with friends. The chairs are from Target, the little brown table is from Home Goods, the hanging baskets were courtesy of our neighbors and the sellers, they took turns every year planting for the whole porch, and lastly, the hanging lantern in the background is from Pottery Barn (I had two but smashed one the first weekend we were here). I have some serious plans for the porch, Andy and Mo's porch is surrounded by beautiful wood railings and columns, I have no idea how much this would cost but I would love to do the same on our side and rip out the iron (if that is even what it is made of). The front door...well that is next and I mean probably in the next month or so, it has to go pronto.

This guy's days are numbered:

Front Sitting Room: I am not the type of person that will have a proper sitting area but since we have an addition on the back of our house where we spend most of our time I do have plans to make this a "sitting room" for lack of a better term but it will have a lived in feel. So far we have our new Anthropologie rug, half of a china hutch that we used in our apartment and plan to give to my mother since she has the other half and it does not quite go with the style we have in mind. What's that you ask? The little green guy in the window? That is a plant I inherited from my grandmother and has been about the only living plant that I have ever been able to keep alive!

Dining Room: I am in love with the wood floors that extend from the front room to the dining room, I am doing my best to find area rugs that will warm the space but still show off the wood and walnut strip around the edges. I will include more about where I aquired each item through the house in my source list that I will have coming up in future posts. The paint colors are a bit insane so Shanna and I have plans to jump into that project sometime after Thanksgiving so get ready for some before and after pictures!

Kelly put this centerpiece together :) He is so cute:

Kitchen: One of the things we love most about our home is the open floor plan. It was not always like this, the former owners changed a lot. They moved doorways around along with adding cut outs to give it this airy feel, it really makes the space more functional and feel larger. I dream of a kitchen I saw in Ikea, however, our kitchen right now is in pretty good shape so this is not at the top of the list just yet-stay tuned for this down the line.

Den: LOVE. This room just says home to me. The fireplace was the sealer of this deal. Kelly and I love sitting in our den, watching TV or having friends over and enjoying a blazing fire. The holidays just feel right with a fire going and it makes the bitter winter months much more bearable. There will be a new couch on the day. I dream of one that allows me to lay down without being on an angle or hanging off the side, this is my fault for not measuring correctly the first time. The hold up now is that I need to train my younger cat Macy to stop clawing the couch and to turn her attention elsewhere, wish me luck on that one.

So this is our place, well the first floor anyway, the upstairs will be coming soon. Slowly but surely this will all take shape and I am so happy you can all be here for the ride! As always, you know we would love to hear your advice or ideas!

See you swoon,

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