J.Crew Knee-Length Bridesmaids Dresses

As you all know I am constantly shopping for new pieces of apparel to round out my wardrobe but when I am not shopping for myself I am usually checking out wedding blogs, the latest wedding dress styles and wedding trends and I am always pleasantly surprised by the dress  selection J.Crew offers.
Not only are the dresses perfect for weddings of all kinds, the dresses are practical and can be worn for many other occassions.  I have found that most dressses come in a range of beautiful colors and have also read recently that J.Crew is very accomodating if you need extra fabric and help with customer service.
You will see below my favorite dress in J.Crew's selection right now, you will probably see me in this at the next event I have the privledge of attending...in navy of course!!
J Crew Organza Leighton Dress
Organza Leighton dress
J. Crew Crinkled Silk Arabelle Dress
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The dress below is by far my favorite bridesmaid dress.  If i had to do it all over again this one would be it!
J. Crew Cotton Cady Eric Dress
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J. Crew Silk Tafetta Selma Dress
Silk taffeta Selma dress
J.Crew Silk Tafetta Blakely Dress
Silk taffeta Blakely dress
So which do you prefer, long dresses for your bridesmaid or short?
See you swoon,

Home Swoon Home: white kitchens 3 ways

I have a soft spot for a white kitchen: I am totally drawn to the clean, bright, light look.  I also love to cruise websites for high-end kitchen wares, and believe it or not, the SubZero site offers a bevy of kitchen eye-candy beyond their appliances.  They have an entire section ("Planning and Design") of the site devoted to real kitchens that will definitely get you drooling over revamping or redoing your kitchen space.

What I love so much about white kitchens is how entirely different one space can look from the next based on different accent choices.  White can be stark, warm or cool.  It can be modern, cottage or traditional.  It's so versatile and will make the tiniest kitchen feel more spacious.  Here are three white kitchens that may have the common thread of the white cabinets but couldn't be more different from one another.  All photos courtesy of the SubZero website.

Kitchen 1 (from the movie Something's Gotta Give)

Kitchen 2 (from the tv show, "Brothers & Sisters")

Kitchen 3 (from the movie, The Nanny Diaries)

Are you a white kitchen person like I am? Or do you prefer something a little different? Do tell!

See you swoon,

What Would Jamie Wear: Denim

If I could wear jeans every single day of my life I would.  I am always looking for jeans that will suit every occassion and mood that I may have on  any given day.  May I present the four pairs of jeans on my shopping list at the present moment, I hope this inspires you to have a well rounded denim wardrobe!
The first pair is a style I am sure many of you own, long, boot cut, perfect over heels and boots and really just a  comfortbale, versatile pair of jeans that you can wear year round.
The second pair is a style that is fairly recent, the boyfriend style is relaxed and great for running around on weekends or just lounging around.
Third is one of my favorites right now, I love the crop style, I have seen celebrity Rachel Bilsonwear this style best in a pair designed by Adriano Goldschmied.  I am in awe of how she pulls these off and can still make them look classy even with the rips and tears.  If I ever get a  chance to try these on I will keep you posted on how they look (I have a feeling she may be shorter than me so this is why she pulls them off so well), there is a good chance that with my height these could look like bermuda shorts instead of crops (I am exagerating a bit) so I will have to check them out in person.
Lastly, the skinny jean.  Sexy, stylish, great for wearing inside your boots and with heels or sandals.  These jens are very flattering and are great to wear with a flowy shirt.  I like tops to be a bit looser so the slim bottom really balances out the proportions.
Here are a few brands I love:
7 For All Makind "A" Pocket Bootcut

Big Star Taylor Boyfriend Crop in 16 Year

Paige Premium Denim Venice Crop in Largo

1921 Denim Taylor Slim Straight Leg in Indigo Medium

Who is your favorite denim designed and what style to you prefer to wear?
See you swoon,

Swooning over bridal ball gowns

About a month ago, I blogged about some seriously swoon-worthy short wedding gowns.  Up today an entirely different, yet equally lovely, silhouette:  the ball gown.    Not every woman has the stature to pull off these stunners: they are dramatic, voluminous and have a presence of their own.  Below are a few of my favorite ball gowns from my favorite gown designers: Vera Wang {pictures 1-3}, Priscilla of Boston {pictures 4-5} and Monique Lhuillier {pictures 6-8}.  Enjoy!

What's your take on ball gowns? Love em or not?  Personally, I simply adore the look, even if it doesn't quite work on me.

See you swoon,

Swooning Over My New Home

With my moving date getting closer and closer I thought I would give you some tips on what I have learned about moving from my first apartment and home with my husband to our very first house!  I have to say this whole thing has been very bittersweet.  On the one hand I am extremely excited to be moving into a house and neighborhood that my husband and I love, but on the other hand I have found myself strangely attached to our apartment that we have been dreaming to move out of for so long.  I guess it makes sense though, this is where we both moved to the first time we set out to make it on our own, it has not always been easy but we have made a lot of memories here and I will always love this apartment for that.

So, I thought I was going to have tips for you but instead I felt like I wanted to share with you where I am at in my life right now and even if I wanted to give you tips right now I don't think I could since I am avoiding packing like the plague!  I did not realize how much we had until I started to take our possessions out of our drawers and closets!  Needless to say, my house is a disaster area right now. 

What I thought may be fun (for those of who who have done this before) is for you to share your tips and stories about your first move.  I would love to hear them.  I will be sure to keep you all posted on how our move goes and share a story or two of my own after we are all settled in.

See you swoon,

Trolley v. Limo

If you are planning a wedding that involves more than one location, soon enough you will have to decide how to get your wedding party and yourself from point A to point B.  Two of the most popular methods of transportation are limos and trolleys.  How do decide which is right for you is simply a matter of personal preference and budget of course.

Who doesn't turn into a giddy little kid when they get into a limo?  Even as adults, there is something so fun and fancy about stepping into a stretch limousine.  Limos are typically less expensive than trolleys, but if you have a larger bridal party, you may have to rent two of them.   One challenge with a limo is getting in and out.  It's easy enough for bridesmaids and the guys, but a bride with a veil and very full gown may have a bit of a hard time getting in and out.  Most limo drivers will help with this.  You can listen to music and belt it out with your friends and no one will be the wiser - the windows will keep you hidden from view of other cars.  Also, when you arrive at the ceremony location, your guests will not be able to see you in a limo.

I am partial to trolleys because I had one for my wedding.  If you have a large bridal party and want to keep guys and girls together after the ceremony, a trolley is a great choice.  A trolley is fun and festive - when again will you have a chance to ride in one?  I think it is a little easier for a bride to get in and out of a trolley than a limo because it's larger and higher off the ground. However, trolleys are typically a little more pricey than limos and cannot travel as fast.

Which is your choice? Either way, you cannot go wrong.

See you swoon,

What Would Jamie Wear: Skinny Cords

You may already be seeing skinny cords as part of the trend this fall, they were around last year but I am seeing more and more of them this year.  I own a pair of black skinny cords and I love them so much I wore them through the entire summer even though this material is really meant for cooler climates.  The fabric is stretchy and comfortable and works great in my business casual environment with a pretty top and can be versatile enough to wear for an evening out.  These are my go to pants and we all know how rare it is to find a piece of clothing for our wardrobe that makes us feel sexy and comfortable at the same time...while still being appropriate.
The possibilities are really endless on how you can wear skinny cords, I have worn my cords in the office with heels or a nice pair of wedges, I have worn them with my boots in the winter, and I have thrown them on with a comfy top and sandals just for running around town.  These pants will not disappoint, if you get a pair with enough stretch you will find and excuse to wear them every chance you get.   
Check these out:
{Forever 21:Screen Chiffon Blouse}
{Old Navy: Skinny Cords}
{Anthropologie: Wishbone Wedges}
Or how about this?
{Gap:Long Sleeve Timeless Tee}
{Anthropologie: Punch Card Belt}
{Old Navy: Skinny Cords}
{Anthropologie: Martingale Boots}
I am pretty sure I need both of these outifts!  So what do you think?  Can you see yourself adding skinny cords to your wardrobe this year?
See you swoon,

Swoon-Worthy Style Icons: The Women of Mad Men

If you have not started watching Mad Men on AMC, it is high time you started!  Mad Men is one of the best television series ever - the writing and acting are flawless.  The show is set in the mid 1960s in the world of New York City Madison Avenue and advertising.  Acting and writing aside, another star of the show is the costumes and how perfectly the costume designer manages to capture the times.  The three main women characters, Betty Draper Francis (played by January Jones), Joan Holloway Harris (played by Christina Hendrix) and Peggy Olson (played by Elisabeth Moss) are dressed impeccably and realistically each week.  Here are a few of my favorite looks from the show and from photo shoots.  Enjoy!

See you swoon,