Spring Break[down]

Yes.  The blog is on Spring Break.  While I'd like to imagine the blog (and myself!) going down to Cancun and drinking frosty frozen concoctions, getting tan and making questionable and regrettable decisions, it is really just an issue of time and the complete and total lack thereof.  I've got a million things going on right now with no time for much of anything but survival.

Be back soon swoon.   

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What I Wore {post 71}

Friday!  Last Friday in March! Who can believe that?  I am ready for a good weekend and a great race on Sunday.  I'll be sure to report back on Monday or Tuesday with a full race report.  

Printed Shift Dress

I found this sweet dress at the j.crew factory on sale.  I really loved the modern print and the fun shift style.  I kept things simple and wore nude patent heels and a long gold necklace.  Hair was back because it was time for a haircut and that's how I roll. 

St. Patrick's Day! Green Top, Black Pants, Black & White Accessories

I wore this top last year on St. Paddie's Day too.  I love it.  I found it at the Banana Republic outlet a few years ago.  I wore it to work with black pants, black flats and my black & white pearl necklace and black & white Dalmatian printed belt.  Easy.  

Striped Top & Taupe Pencil Skirt

I've had this pencil skirt (from the Limited) for 3 years now.  I found the top at TJ Maxx for about $15.   It's funny because in real life, it reads more blue than red, and in this picture it seems a bit more red!  This was a very simple outfit.  And comfortable too.

Have a great weekend!  Spring is in the air! I know it. 
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2015 Training: Week 12

Ahhh ... March.  You've got to love a month (and in this case a week) when you experience all four seasons.  This week was crazy.  We had cool, cold, warm and hot.  And snow.  6 inches of snow!  Thankfully, it didn't affect my workout, but it really did make me mad.   Like Unikitty* mad.  *hint - theme!- there will be more cats in this post! 

Week 12 [March 16-22]:  5:35:33 hours (35.5 miles)

Monday:  rest day
Tuesday:  walk/run
Wednesday: speedwork
Thursday: easy run
Friday: rest day
Saturday: long run - 20 miles
Sunday: walk/run

The Workouts

Monday I really enjoyed the rest day.  I was feeling pretty good despite my 18 mile run the day before.  

Tuesday was a walk/run - easy 5 minute walk, 35 minute run.  It was about 45 degrees when I left the house.  And by the end of the run, I had rolled the arm warmers down.

Tuesday was also St. Paddie's Day!  Who enjoyed a black and tan? This girl.

Wednesday was speedwork. I had a busy morning, so I opted to do it at the Y after work and on the treadmill. It was fine.  Nothing crazy.  The volume was lower than in weeks past, so it felt like a little gift.

Thursday.  Easy run, but it was cold again.  It felt like a kick in the teeth after the warm temps earlier in the week.  Obviously I am thrilled.  

Friday was a rest day and thank goodness, because it snowed this day.  Grrr.

Saturday I had a long run of 20 miles.  I went to my son's basketball game at 8:30 and ran when I got home.  Thankfully the temps warmed up quite a bit, so the snow was melting and the trail was clear.  The run was 20 miles, all endurance pace.   It was a great run for most of it, but at the end, I struggled.  I will illustrate in the best way I know how - with kittens.  The first 16 miles, I felt like this:

There were even moments of this:

Then once I hit mile 16 or so, something changed. There was a shift. I felt a little like this:

And then, those final 3 miles, I was like this.

Here is how I actually looked post-run:

Pretty hot.  

And here is what got me through those final 3 miles: knowing a Sprite was waiting for me.  Oh and I got new sneakers! I love them.  I've continued to buy my ruby red Sauconys since I first found them in June, and I think it's time for a change.  The new blue suits me just fine.  

Sunday was a very easy workout.  I was sore from the 20 miler, but this one felt good.  15 minute walk - then 5 x 4 min run/1 min walk - then a couple minutes walk. 

This week is not so bad training wise, and it will culminate with the Love Run half marathon on Sunday.  My coach has me running about 5 miles before the race.  Here's hoping this one is a good race!
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What I Wore {post 70}

70 What I Wore posts? With very little repeats?  Yes! And Yay.  

And yay for weekend.  Yes and yay.  I can't wait.  I have a long run and a visit from a dear friend for our favorite: steak, wine and chatter.  She does my soul good. But before I head out for my fun weekend of goodness, here's a round up of recent outfits.

Navy Dress, Tan Cardigan, Brown Boots, Wine Tights

I loved this outfit.  It was one of those throw together I think this will look good I'm not really sure oh wait yes it's good outfits.  I started with a navy dress from j.crew. It's strapless, but it's fine in all seasons under a sweater.  I paired it with a tan cardigan with ruffle trim from Target (years old) and wore my brown leather belt, which is sadly kind of hidden by my arms.  I wore wine colored tights and my brown boots.  It's a great end of Winter get the heck out of here Winter outfit. 

Fuchsia Sweater, Black & White Sheer Blouse, Black & White Pin-stripe Skirt

This was another throw-together and hope it works outfits.  I wore this on a day when I had a bunch of meetings but didn't want to wear a suit.  I was happy with how it turned out.  I tried to take a pic without my face and don't like the way that turned out at all.  Even with my morning mean face, I think that's better than a faceless shot.  

Grey Slouchy Top, Bootcut Jeans & Long Necklace

I *loved* this outfit! I had a party one night and the dress was casual but I didn't want to go too casual.  I bought these jeans at Old Navy.  In past years, I have sworn off Old Navy jeans as not flattering or comfortable but I decided to give them another try when I had a crazy promotion where I ended up paying about $17 for a pair.  I couldn't not buy them and try.  And I found that they've revamped their jeans. I went with the Flirt style in Crater Lake color (size 2 Short on me) and found that they are very flattering, with a higher rise and smaller back pockets than they used to be.  The bootcut is a very narrow boot as well, which makes for a modern fit.  Sold.   I found the slouchy top at Nordstrom  (Top Shop brand) and online it was about $30, which seemed a pretty good deal.  I wandered into the store and found that it was on sale for $16.  Um ... ok.  I ended up buying it and its blush pink twin.  I'm wearing a size XS, by the way.  I wore my cowgirl boots from Austin Texas but the outfit needed something.  I wore my long necklace from Talbot's (years ago on clearance) and think that made the outfit work.  

There you go!  Happy weekend! See you back here on Monday.
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The New Blog Look

Good morning!

Wednesdays are usually all about home projects, but today is about my home here on the interwebs - the new blog look!  Here's a little story of how it all happened and who made it happen.

History of the Blog

The story of how Swoon came to be is kind of fun.  A number of years ago, Jamie was planning her wedding and I was helping out with the details, and we both realized how much we loved it.  At the time, I was working at a job (not my current one) that I didn't love and needed a creative outlet.  Jamie and I considered event planning and made pretty decent strides to that end.  We branded ourselves "Swoon Events" and started a company, started blogging, worked with a designer to create our logo and color scheme and even met with a PR consultant.  There came a point where we had to decide whether we did it as a hobby or a profession, and neither of us was willing to leap to the latter. We also realized, as we blogged about home stuff, that our passion was more with home projects and DIY than with weddings and events.  So we did a rebrand, and Swoon Style and Home was born.  We also redid our blog and went with the yellow and grey color scheme that was on the blog for so long.  We shared the blog for years - taking turns posting and sharing about our home projects and style/fashion loves.  

Time marches on and things change ... and Jamie found herself busier at work without the ability to blog.  So the two of us talked (um ... we talk a lot.  usually some wine is involved) and I asked if she minded if I took over the blog for awhile and redid it, of course leaving the door open for her to return at any time.  She was all for it.  I say all this so that you know that I didn't railroad my way to change up the blog.  Jamie was, and always will be, a huge part of what Swoon is. 

And as time marched on, and my life changed, a lot of my focus turned to running and triathlon.  Bill (kind of jokingly) suggested that I rename the blog "Swoon Style Home and Sweat" and I thought that was brilliant.  My posts were settling into a routine anyway - Monday workouts (sweat), Wednesdays projects (home) and Fridays what I wore (style).  I didn't want to change the URL but definitely loved the idea of adding the "sweat" to the name.  Thank you Bill! 

The New Design

So where to begin?  I knew I wanted a totally new look that really reflected me.  I started where I started in the past with blog design: the blog Snippet and Ink.  Snippet and Ink is a wedding blog, but she also creates gorgeous inspiration boards.  Those are mostly for wedding planning purposes, but Jamie and I used them a number of times in the past for our blog designs.  So that's where I started.  I went through all of the inspiration boards and went with the one that I liked the most.  This one:

Photo courtesy of Snippet & Ink
I loved the gold, the white, the cream and that blue.  I thought it was memorable, chic and yet still very simple.  It seemed very me.  Also, I would kill for that dress.  

I wanted a blog with a lot more white space.  Something easy to read.  And also something pretty to read.  I think the blog is just that!  I also wanted something that was easier for my readers.  I've gotten comments that the "comment" section was hard to find.  Now it's right at the bottom of the post, which definitely makes more sense.  The new nav bar at the top also makes sense.  I'll eventually update those buttons/pages.  

The Designer

I started with the designer who worked on past iterations of Swoon, but she is on maternity leave.  So I did some google searching and landed upon Stephanie at How Sweet Designs.  I loved the blogs that she designed, her ordering/designing process seemed very simple and streamlined, her prices were totally fair, and I thought she was a great fit.  And she was! I have to say - it was truly a pleasure and a breeze working with her.  And it took maybe 3-4 weeks from the second I placed the order until the site went live.  I highly recommend Stephanie if you're looking to redo (or even start up) a blog.  It helped that I had a clear direction, but she was able to understand my vision even when I couldn't articulate it all that well (e.g., "the font isn't swirly or swoopy enough ... can you change it?").  

So that's the story of the new blog! I hope you enjoy it. I sure am!  
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