What "Wood" You Do?

Whoever loves hardwoods, raise your hand! I think almost everyone loves a beautiful hardwood floor.  They are gorgeous, instantly update a space and are super easy to keep clean (especially if you have pets and kids and/or allergies).  If you notice, though, all hardwoods are not created equal: certain colors of stain can make a room feel incredibly different.  Below are four different color stains - notice how big of an impact they have on the feel of each space.

Dark Stain

Dark stained hardwoods (usually a walnut) feel modern to me.  I love them, and they are probably my favorite color of wood floors.  I have heard they're not as easy to keep clean and show a bit more dirt and dust-bunnies (or fur) than a more medium toned floor.  I just love how crisp the trim and wall color appears next to the darker floor.

Light Stain

Light stained floors (beech or birch) feel modern, cottage and beachy to me.  They're my second favorite floor stain, and I love how clean they look.  They instantly lighten and brighten a space, making the room feel larger and more airy.  I think lighter colors on the wall and furnishings work particularly well with this color floor.

Medium Stain

Next up is the medium stained hardwoods (oak).  These are probably the most common color out there.  They're so versatile and work nicely with any kind of furnishings, from country to modern and cottage to contemporary.  They are a breeze to keep clean because, well, let's face it: the dirt just sort of blends into the floor color.

Red Stain

Last but not least is the red stained floor (cherry).  These are stunning and really warm up a space.  They make a room feel cozy and comfy and add a layer of depth to all of the other tones working in a room.  I think warm colors work best with these floors: creams instead of whites, beiges instead of grays.

Which color floor is your favorite?

See you swoon,

{images courtesy of decorpad.com, cococozy.com, archiexpo.com, blog.dennisandsarah.com, cpluxurycondo.com, dosoates.blogspot.com, genuinestyle.net, blog.wyldfires.com}


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