Nantucket Red: Winter Edition

Morning all!  Remember my Nantucket Red skirt that I bought over the Summer?  The one I pined for and the ultimately bit the bullet and ordered? Well it is back.

When I bought it, I assumed I would only wear it in the Summer, because it is a decidedly Summer skirt - the color, the length, the look ... it's all very Summery.  In the Summer, I paired it with wedge sandals, a chambray top and a belt:

But as the seasons changed, I thought I might try to wear it in cooler weather too.  So when Fall rolled around, I tried something new: I wore my tall flat riding boots, a tan ruffly cardigan and a light weight oatmeal colored cowl-neck shell underneath:

Now that it's Winter, I knew I could keep going.  I have been lusting after Irish sweaters this season, but the wool versions are always too bulky on me.  LL Bean happened to have a great sale on a cotton cable sweater that had the same look as a traditional wool Irish sweater. I snatched it up.  I wore the new sweater with my skirt, along with my tall brown riding boots and brown tights.  I grabbed a yellow and tan polka dotted scarf from my closet and some gold hoop earrings and ... voila!  

I love the outfit and love love love that I can wear my skirt even though Summer is half a year away.  I'm going to round out the year by figuring out a Spring look too!  I've already got ideas swirling -- maybe pink, maybe turquoise, oooh the possibilities.  

See you swoon,

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  1. I have the same problem with Irish sweaters- they are AWFUL on me. I will have to try a cotton one. Also, love the winterizing of the skirt. It looks great- a pop of color in winter is always so nice.