There once was a skirt from Nantucket ...

Happy Monday! I am in a bit of disbelief that it is mid-August and we are staring down the barrel of Labor Day Weekend.  Sure, it's a few weeks away, but around here, I am already hearing the cicadas chirping, which means Summer's coming to and end and school is almost back in session.

Before Summer goes, I want to give a little shout-out to a new Summer staple that I'm swooning over: Nantucket Reds.  Ever hear of them? They are faded red (but not pink) shorts, pants, skirts and shorts supposedly made famous on the island of Nantucket.  I just like the color - I like it so much that I ordered a skirt from a little shop in Nantucket, which hopefully is en route as we speak.  I've noticed a few people wearing them this Summer, and just recently I saw a woman walking to the bus, and she was wearing a Nantucket Red skirt, light chambray top, brown leather belt and wedges.  I am stealing that outfit and will post here when I do!  In the meantime, here is a round up of some of my favorite looks with Nantucket Reds, which are super preppy.  

I love this first look.  It's unapologetically nautical and I cannot stand how cute those Sperry wedges are.  I love the color combo.  

gumboot glam
This pink shirt with the Nantucket Red shorts is adorable.  I love the red shoes too - the outfit is like a walking ombre.

j.crew review
This outfit, to me, is Annie Hall meets Nantucket Reds.  It's more "city" than I have ever seen the Reds worn.  I love how unexpected it is.  I don't think that I, personally, could pull it off, but I love the way it looks on her. 
prepped to perfection
 I like this outfit, though it may be a little ho hum for me.  The white shirt is a little too expected.  Still, it's cute.  So it made the cut.

I like the casualness of this outfit.  It goes to show that you do not need a collared or pretty shirt to make Nantucket Reds work.  

beautiful ballad
OK, how adorable is this outfit?  This seems to be similar to the shirt I want to pair with my skirt, though I'd roll up my sleeves.  I love how she has added that pop of color in the belt.  Super duper cute.  

preppy in pittsburgh
 I like this for work.  It may be a bit matchy-matchy with all the white and red, but it is sweet nonetheless.

etcetera nyc on pinterest
Finally, back to the skirt!  I adore the way she styled this outfit - from the navy top to the white belt to those perfect preppy shoes.
mad dress game
And I would be remiss if I posted about Nantucket Reds and didn't show how the men wear them.  I hear they're a staple at Cape Cod weddings, which makes sense.  I love the way this color looks on men.  

live originally

shoreside bride 
unabashedly prep
And there you go!  My own round-up (much like my seersucker post from last Summer) on what made me swoon this Summer.  What do you think? Is this your style?  

See you swoon,

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