What I Wore {part i}

Hi all!

I have been having so much fun with clothes and fashion lately and thought I might share with you.  So from time to time, I will post a round-up here on Swoon of some of my recent outfits.  I will note that I am working on taking better pictures of myself, which is really difficult.  I think I need a new camera.  Or a cameraman.  Ha.   In all seriousness, I think I need a new camera soon.  And I will take pictures with the timer function.  In the meantime, these will have to do.   

Anyway, here are a few looks I recently put together.  I'll put the sources under each photo.  

* Casual Friday - Cream Jacket and Skinny Jeans *

My office is business casual during the week, but on Fridays we can wear jeans.  I almost always do.  This particular Friday I wore my skinny jeans, cream shell with ruffle neckline and cream structured jacket that I scored on major sale recently at Banana Republic - I don't see it on the website at all.  I found it in the store and it was on clearance and then an additional 25% off.  It ended up costing $42.  I paired this with my flat brown riding boots and then layered a bunch of pearl necklaces together for a sort of uptown look. [and ugh! phone pictures.  always a great idea in theory and yet they never ever turn out nice.  no more. sorry]

cream jacket: banana republic (similar)
cream shell: banana republic outlet
jeans: gap always skinny mid-rise
boots: jcrew

* Grey Sweater Dress *

I really wanted a sweater dress this year, but I knew fit was key because they can be unforgiving and also look a little bulky.  I found this dress at Old Navy.  It got great reviews, so I figured I'd try it.  When I shop online I always read the reviews of items if they are there - you can learn about fit, material, size, etc.  I've passed up many a "great deal" because something had horrible reviews.  And I've picked up great tips, like ordering a size up or down, based on reviews.  Just a tip from me to you!  I ended up getting it for about $15 because it was on sale and then there was a promotion where you could take an additional 30% off.  I wore this with black hose and black boots and paired it with a cool multi-strand necklace from Anthropologie that Jamie got me years ago for my birthday.  I think this dress can go funky too ... if we have a cold day in late March, I want to wear a brown belt and brown riding boots with it.

dress: old navy

* Black Turtleneck and White Skirt *

I found my inspiration for this outfit in the New York Times Sunday Style Magazine - in an Estee Lauder ad of all places. You never know where you'll find inspiration! See ...  here it is:

I had just bought a black turtleneck on crazy clearance at Eddie Bauer for $7.  I didn't have a black turtle and I think they're a great staple. I'm so glad I snatched it up.  I've had this skirt for ages - probably close to 8 years.  I paired it with black patterned tights (you unfortunately cannot see the pattern in the pictures) and black heels, threw my hair in a bun, wore big earrings and ... here I am.   

turtleneck: Eddie Bauer
skirt: Gap (old)
shoes: manolo blahnik

There you go!  Have you put any fun outfits together lately? Or have you been shopping and are dying to share what you found?  Let's talk fashion today. And cameras.  Any recs for a great little point and shoot that takes divine pictures?  I am all ears. 

See you swoon,

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  1. HI Shanna
    I am linking to this post tomorrow as I got inspired through the same Estee Lauder ad! I just fell in love with the simple black turtleneck and white skirt.....and luckily i also had both garments (both quite old) to put this chic assemble together.