Outlet Outfits x4

Friday! Friday!  Happy Friday! And, um, wow.  Happy February!

Recently, Jamie and I hit up the Pottery Barn Outlet and I posted my haul here on the blog.  I bought a mix of things for the house and clothes for me.  I did really well with clothes and promised an update with how I wore them.  Update is today!  I will start with the caveat and apology that I am *horrible* at taking pictures of myself and obviously need a larger mirror for this task (the one I use is in Little's room and is pretty narrow).  

Blue Gingham Shirt & Turquoise Bauble Necklace
both from j.crew

I have been searching for a gingham shirt for awhile and could not find one that I loved.  As soon as I walked into the j.crew outlet, I spied this one, tried it on and was sold.  It fits perfectly and can be dressed up (like in this outfit) or dressed down.  I paired it with the turquoise bauble necklace from j.crew, a pair of light grey trousers and a belt I have had for years.  

Orange Cardigan
from Banana Republic

I love this cardigan.  My one regret from this shopping excursion was not buying more of them!  I paired it with a cream shell (purchased from Banana Republic Outlet last year), dark grey pants and a long necklace that I bought at the j.crew outlet last year.  I'm not sure this is the most flattering picture, but here you go. 

Pink Cardigan & Coral Pencil Skirt
both from j.crew

I thought this color combination of pink and coral was so happy and springy.  I embraced femininity and wore this outfit with pearls and soft pink slingbacks.  

Tweed Cropped Jacket
from Eddie Bauer

I wore my tweed jacket (a steal at $50) on a casual Friday in the office.  I wore it with a long sleeve cotton tee under it (it's a bit itchy), a pair of bootcut jeans (Long and Lean from Gap) and leopard print flats. I wore my hair back and threw on some hoop earrings.  Done!

There you go!  Four outfits from my big outlet haul.  Oh ... I want to go back and get more. 

Happy weekend all! Any great plans? Anyone heading to the outlets? If so I wish you godspeed and great deals. 

See you swoon,