IKEA Rast Redo (part 1 of 2)

Hi there!  I am working on a little project in my bedroom.  This corner by the window -- I am trying to make it a bit more functional.  My friend Heather gave me this bookshelf, and it has been perfect up til now to hold my jewelry box and white noise machine (note: I became addicted to sleeping with white noise when my kids were newborns.  I cannot sleep without it.  I even have an App on my phone for travel).  Anyway, here is the shelf, which also holds books and magazines.  I am not loving how exposed those things are. 

I needed some more drawers for my running clothes.  So I bought an IKEA Rast, the $35 real wood little chest of drawers.  It's totally basic but has tons of potential.  In fact, Apartment Therapy has an entire post on the different Rast Hacks out there.  I already know what I am doing.  I saw an Ethan Allen commercial and love the color and hardware on their Julian Chest:

But at over $1,000, that isn't happening.  Sure, the chest is a lot more detailed and intricate than the Rast, but I think I can emulate the look.  I happen to have that same hardware right in my stash.  It used to live on a chest that I repainted and on which I changed the hardware.  I'll just paint the pulls the same color as the chest itself.  

So that's the plan.  Right now, here is the Rast in place.  

Stay tuned for the big transformation!

See you swoon,

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