Alphabet Basket Labels

Good morning! Even though January is over, and January is usually the month where I organize everything in sight, I am still going strong with making my home neat and tidy.  Up today is a tiny update I made to some shelves in my entryway closet, which will organize the contents and ... keep 'em separated (sing it. go ahead. do it).

Here are the shelves and baskets before.  I bought the shelves at Target in the closet organization section.  They were about $15 each.  I found the baskets in the same spot: the closet organization section of Target.  I bought four of them, and they hold: (1) Little's hats, gloves, scarves; (2) Big's hats, gloves, scarves; (3) my hats and gloves; and (4) cleaning accessories.  I wanted to create a little label of sorts so the kids and I could easily identify which basket is whose.  

I found little wooden letters at Michaels.  They were $1 each.  I wish they were regular wood and not black, but there was not much selection for the size I needed: it was either black or glitter. So I went with the black.  Then I bought some craft paint that was on sale for $.89.  I wanted a fun blue, and this one was perfect.

So one day while the kids worked on some art projects, I got out a little foam brush and painted my letters.  It took a bunch of coats, but it was fast going.  

Once I was done, the letters looked like this:

Then I found some pretty sage green ribbon in my stash and used that to hang the letters from the baskets.  And ... here is the result!

I love this little project and how sweet those letters are.  The kids love it too, though Little protested that mine should be "M" for "Mommy" because "das your real name, not Shanna."  Melt.  

See you swoon,

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