Seeing [nantucket] Red

Well happy Tuesday all! As you can see, I am trying to get back to a regular posting schedule.  How were your weekends?  I worked on my 1980s bathroom! I've got wallpaper down and walls patched in places.  There is still a lot of work to do, but it is well underway.  

I have a quick fashion post this morning.  Back in this post from the Summer, I posted a recap of different looks for Nantucket Reds - the pinkish faded red pants, shorts and skirts that are a Nantucket and Summer staple.  One really hot day this Summer, I saw a woman walking to the bus and loved her outfit.  She was wearing a Nantucket Red skirt, light chambray top and brown leather belt and wedges.  If I were not driving, I would have complimented her.  I knew I wanted to recreate that outfit, and I finally did!  Here is my version of it.  (note: it's hard to take a picture of myself)

So here are the details.  I found the skirt at Murray's Toggery Shop online.  At $65 it was a splurge, but I could not find a suitable substitute and figured I should love what I bought.  And I do!  I bought a couple of less expensive red skirts but the color was not right.  I thought about trying to distress them in the wash but then realized I was being pennywise: for the extra $30 or so, why not buy the exact thing I wanted and be thrilled.  The top is a light blue chambray shirt from Old Navy, which was only about $20.  I do not see it on the website anymore, unfortunately.  I rolled up the sleeves to make it casual and light. The belt was a total steal from the NY & Co. outlet in Limerick PA, which I found when I was shopping with my friend Heather.  Finally, the shoes are from Famous Footwear - they're cork wedges but with a bit more polish with the gold buckle and brown leather.  And they are super comfortable to boot!

What do you think?  I'm going to try to wear the skirt again before the weather gets too cold.  Hopefully I can pull it off ... if I do, I'll post here!

See you swoon,