Bookshelf: Color!

Happy day!  I am happy because I settled on a color for the backs of my bookshelves!  Here is a refresher on where that project stands:
  • buying doors for the bottom part of the shelves
  • adding hardware to those doors to match hardware on desk
  • painting the backs of the open shelves so the contents really pop
  • accessorizing the shelves; and
  • adding crown molding to the top of the shelves to make them a little more finished.
Oh look at that list!  Look at all the strike-throughs!  I've already posted about adding crown molding to the tops and buying doors and hardware for the lower shelves.  Now it's time for color.   I asked you guys your thoughts on what color I should paint the backs, and Madelyn voted teal or seaglass.  That was my first instinct as well, especially since I have some seaglass paint on hand.   The answer was clear, though, when I went to a conference recently at the Atlantic City resort, the Revel.  I was, quite frankly, shocked at how chic and gorgeous the Revel was.  But what stopped me in my tracks were these shelves in the elevator lobby (apologizes for the iPhone picture) ...

It's a little hard to see, but they are a gorgeous pinky coral color.  I decided then and there to use that same color on my shelves: it's more pink than a coral and more orange than a pink.  Just to be doubly sure, I test drove some colors by using some books I had on hand.  I wanted to be certain that I was into the pinky coral and not the seaglass.

Here is the seaglass, using the Domino book in the background:

And here is the coral, using my new Design*Sponge book for color purposes.

The answer was clear: coral! I love how the white and the blue look with the coral color.  Plus, I think it will look even better when I eventually gather the energy to paint the walls a soft cream.  Coral I want; coral it is.

So, I went through my trusty fan deck and settled on Begonia by Sherwin Williams.

Begonia: SW6599
I just got one of the sample containers of the color - I know you're not supposed to use this paint for actual painting, but I decided to live on the edge and see how it worked.  Plus, I liked the idea of spending only $5 vs. a lot more on a quart especially since I couldn't see myself using much more of this color anywhere else.  I used three coats of the Begonia on the bookshelf backs (two was probably OK, but I wanted to be certain there was even coverage).  

And here is the finished product! 

I ... love ... it.   I may eventually be ready for a change, but in the meantime, I'm loving the pinky-coral, which ties in nicely with the various coral accents I have going on in my space.  This project is almost done.  All that is left to do is accessorize the shelves and call it a day ... and dance. Oh I will dance.  

See you swoon,

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  1. HI Shanna
    I am linking to this post tomorrow as I got inspired through the same Estee Lauder ad! I just fell in love with the simple black turtleneck and white skirt.....and luckily i also had both garments (both quite old) to put this chic assemble together.