Falling for Fall Wedding Fashion

Good morning!  I'm very excited about heading to the wedding of one of my best friends this Fall.  So excited, in fact, that I am already daydreaming (ok ok planning) about what to wear to it.  It is going to be a super fun wedding - my friend and her fiance are hilarious, their families are too, and best of all, the two of them are obviously best friends and in love.  The best kind of wedding by far.  Oh ... did I mention there will be karaoke?  Swoon.  

So I've been contemplating my own attire.  I know the bridesmaids are wearing black, so I immediately ruled that out.  I think I want to go in soft shades of blush and gold: sort of a softer take on late Summer/early Fall colors.   Here's the plan:

I cannot believe I found the exact dress that was in my mind's eye.  I was talking about what I wanted with a bunch of girlfriends and described this dress to a tee!  I had no idea it actually existed.  I'm tempted to buy it now so that it is mine.  It is the j.crew Arabelle dress in misty rose.  I wanted something soft and feminine.  This is *exactly* what I want.  I'm in love with the soft pleats and that sweetheart neckline.

photo courtesy of j.crew
Next up, shoes.  Oooh.  Anyone who knows me knows that I have a predilection for fancy footwear.  I have always wanted a pair of gorgeous gold sandals and darn you, Jimmy Choo ... darn you for making exactly what I wanted.  Unlike the j.crew dress, I don't think I'll be running out to buy these right this moment, but I very well might save my pennies (ha ha lots and lots of pennies) and get them when I can buy in cash.  Aren't these amazing?  They are the Jimmy Choo Mocha Glitter Sandal.  And they are gorgeous.  

photo courtesy of Neiman Marcus

I'm going to need a bag.  I want a simple champagne satin clutch and lo and behold, lookie here: the Jessica McClintock East/West Satin Frame clutch.  $20!  I actually just ordered this because, again, it is practically perfect in every way.

photo courtesy of ebags
Now for how to do my hair and makeup.  I think this super feminine, super sweet ensemble needs a bit of an edge to counterbalance all of that softness.  So I'd like to do a messy bun/updo for my hair and a smokey eye with nude glossy lip for makeup.  Honestly, I think Malin Ackerman's look in the rehearsal dinner scene of the movie 27 Dresses is precisely what I'm going for.  


But maybe with a bit of a darker eye.  Like so:

Excitement! I'll be sure to let you know how this all turns out.  I'm already warming up my pipes for karaoke and my stems for a long night of dancing.   If I dance all night, I can have two pieces of wedding cake, yes (it's going to happen regardless)? 

See you swoon,

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