Mirror, mirror on the newly painted brick wall

I have had this mirror since I moved into my first apartment, well, really my only apartment but the first home I ever had I should say. I love the thick, sturdy wood and metal detail across the front.  Thank you Target for this beaut!

As I continue to decorate my house I have noticed my style is very rustic / cottage / beachy,  if all of this together is actually considered  a "style".  If it wasn't a style before it is now because I just cannot choose one or even two of those categories!
Anyway, after the brick was painted its luscious mascarpone white color, something needed to be done about the mirror.  Maybe it was the shiny finish or the color of the stain but something had to go. 
I simply sanded this thing down, and sanded, and sanded and sanded........
Look at the beautiful wood I found underneath!
I am so happy with this simple update and how well it blends with my home style.  

Have any of you taken a piece you love and done a simple update to make your home look fresh again?  I would love to hear about it!
See you swoon,


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