A Few Little Updates - lamp switcheroo and new table & pillow

Oh ... really.  You read that title right.  I actually switched out some lamps and bought a new table and pillow.  If that is not worthy of a blog post, I truly do not know what is.

Jokes aside, these little purchases made a pretty nice difference in my home!  Here's what I did.

First, I have come to realize that the lamp on my secretary desk in the dining room is just too small. I love this lamp - it's one that I redid myself.  The colors are perfect for my space, but the scale is all wrong.  Jamie and I were in Home Goods recently, and I spied this gorgeous mercury glass lamp and it was the perfect size.  It was $50.  I have given up the illusion that I will find a lamp for $25, and I considered $50 a pretty good deal, especially for such a great lamp with a shade I loved.  I bought that sucker.  Here is the change, which you might have noticed in the bookshelf pictures from Friday and yesterday.


Much, much better.  It will look *even* better when I get around to color to those shelves.

Do not worry about the little lamp though.  He moved up to my bedroom.  I have a cute little nook in my bedroom where I placed my favorite chair ever - the one I reupholstered all by myself last year.   Here it is:

But the corner seemed a little ho-hum, and I thought I could bring in more light and function by adding a small table and lamp.  I knew my lamp would be perfect.  I found the table at Home Goods for about $35.  I also wanted a print on the chair - the blue pillow, while lovely, needed a little punch.  I found this pillow at Marshalls for about $12.  Love.

I'm so happy with the changes.  I need to bring in some art and maybe a mirror on the wall for sure.  But for now, these little updates make me so happy.  Even on a Tuesday.  In February.  

See you swoon,

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