Dead as a Door...bell.

Happy happy Friday!  Happy Friday.  Fri-dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.  

I have a quick update/tutorial/before and after to share today.  I recently replaced my doorbell.  And it was easy.  As in it took maybe five minutes.  

When I moved in, the doorbell looked like this:

It was broken and ugly.  It worked, but I repeat: it was broken and ugly.  I had never replaced a doorbell before, but figured two things: (1) it could not be that hard [it wasn't] and (2) the electricity running to the doorbell had to be a tiny amount so risk of shock must be low [correct].  I decided to risk it and try to replace it.  

I went to my local hardware store to find a replacement doorbell.  They had a bunch of kinds, including several glow in the dark buttons, but I did not like how fake the metal finish was.  I ended up with this standard white (of course I did).  It was $4.50.  

I took the old doorbell off and paid attention to how it worked.  So easy.  There are two metal ends and they simply hook around the two screws inside the doorbell.

Once I attached the metal ends to the screws, I just popped the doorbell back on the side of the house and ...

TA DA!  Done.  And it works!  Oh it looks so much better.  Let's do one more quick compare and contrast before we head out for the weekend.



Yay.  Gotta love checking off a project that has long since bothered you, right?  Have a wonderful weekend!  Last one in February!  Who can believe that?

See you swoon,

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