What Would Jamie Wear: What is Molly Wearing?

I love What Would Jamie Wear days but today I thought I would mix it up a little bit.  One of my best girlfriends, Molly, is one of the most stylish people I know.  I have been saying  to Shanna lately that I wanted to add another element to these posts to show you styles other than my own.  Not only is Molly a friend of mine, I have the pleasure of working with her as well so we spend a lot of time together!

I love seeing her walk in every day and analyzing each article of clothing she has on, the best part, she is a MAJOR bargain shopper and still manages to look like she is wearing expensive designer clothing.  Of course sometimes she does have a designer label on but we all need a few pieces in our wardrobe that may break the bank a little, especially a versatile piece that you can wear with all the other things you buy for a great deal!

So without further ado, I am pleased to introduce you to Molly (Hi Schmeee!, this is my nickname for her in case you were wondering what that shriek was).

You will be seeing more of her as I find pieces or entire outfits that she has worn into the office that I have fallen in love with (and secretly try and figure out how to get them into my wardrobe).  Today I am showing you a pair of Steven by Steve Madden boots that she bought last week.  These were not necessarily a bargainbut they were on sale and the color, amazing.  A sale in my mind is a bargain but for those of you hoping for the miracle $40.00 boot that is perfect in every way, I have not found them yet (will keep you posted if I do).  These boots have a versatile color, a great wedge heel for added support and have beautiful details with the zipper down the back and fold over, not to mention the perfect toe shape.  I am going to stop talking, take a look at these lovelies:

Breathtaking, I know.  I just bought boots and this makes me want another pair!  I hope you all enjoy!!  Have you made any purchases lately or are you planning on making any?  What are you pining over?

See you swoon,

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