Heaven on Earth: Pottery Barn Outlet

Shanna and I had been planning our trip to the Pottery Barn outlet for over a month and wouldn't you know, snow, they had been forecasting SNOW, and for once the weather station was correct-ugh.  I bet you are thinking we sat home and cried big lion tears but not these two ladies, we borrowed my husband's Jeep and off we went!  I need to take a moment to thank my wonderful husband for driving my front wheel drive car to St. Joe's for a swim meet, from his explanation of how this drive went down it sounds like one of the worst experiences of his life, so, thank you Kelly!

So off we go, comfort was key.

Shanna and I had extremely high hopes for all the treasures we would find and most of you know, going to the outlets or hyping up any shopping trip is dangerous because there is always that chance the entire trip could be a bust.  We barely remember any of the other stores after turning into the shopping center because we, meaning Shanna with her insane distance vision, zeroed in on THE POTTERY BARN OUTLET and that is all we could focus on, it was like Christmas!!!

So we walked in and the two of us could not have been happier, like pigs in...well you know the saying.  We found so many beautiful things and I loved their displays, see below.

I could have walked out with this buffet but even at the outlet it was still $700, this particular piece is still living at the outlet-Boo.

And one of my personal favorites (this picture alone sums up why Shanna and I get along so well)

We decided that in order to see everything, we needed to take a couple trips around the store and calm down a bit.  It's good thing we did, we found most of the items we bought on the second trip around!  We worked up a serious sweat checking out rugs, shelving, and furniture but it was all worth it and in total Shanna and I saved about $400 each on the rugs we purchased at the outlet versus buying them full price.

Here are the items I bought, and in total spent about $250, not a bad day at the outelts and I love every single thing I purchased.

These mason jars were just too cute to resist.

My beautiful chocolate rug that will go wonderfully with my dining room set once I tackle that painting project.

Two new shower curtains (Kelly is most grateful for these, he had said the last shower curtain made him feel like he was a lady of the night every time he stepped in to take a shower).

And these shower curtain hooks, a small purchase but for those of you who have gone through sets of these things trying to find some that work, search no further.  These were $10 a set and worth every single penny.

I bet you want to go to the outelts now don't you?  What is your favorite home store?  We would love to hear about your successful shopping trips!

See you swoon,


  1. I need to take a trip there soon! I have those shower curtain hooks-I bought them years ago and still love them.
    By the way, did you and Shanna plan your matching vests? You guys are too cute ;)

  2. Hi Heather! I highly recommend going there pronto, it was all that we had hoped for and more! The hooks are amazing, I have had them for three days and just love them. Funny thing about the vests, we did actually plan that so that we could have our arms free to shop and lift things, we were not messing around!