January Challenge {week 4}: Getting Carded

Here is the final installment of my January organizational challenge! So far, I have successfully (and inexpensively) organized the cords under my TV in week 1, my desk in week 2, and my daughter's hair bands and bows in week 3.  Up today: my greeting card stash.  My mom is good friends with a woman who makes hand-crafted greeting cards.  They are so unique and lovely, and I can count on Mom giving me a bunch of cards at Christmas and on Mother's Day.  I love it! I haven't had to purchase a card in years. The only issue has been storing them.  But a pretty green box from Garnet Hill and a few minutes with some scissors completely solved that problem.  Here are the deets:

Before, my mom had given me a greeting card organizer, which worked great.  The only problem: it was too small to hold all of my cards!  I ended up having to keep a bag next to the organizer to handle the extra cards.  You know me, and you know how this would bug me.  Here is the before storage solution - note the huge stack of new cards next to the already stuffed to the gills box.

When I opened my Christmas gifts, I was happy to discover that he bought me the cutest slippers from Garnet Hill ... not only because I desperately needed new slippers, but also because the gift box in which they were packaged was so darn cute and pretty!  I just love the soft, cheery shades of green.

It just so happens that the slipper box will neatly fit my greeting card collection!  Score!  I had to cut the dividers to fit in the new box, which only took a few minutes.  I love the dividers that came with the old card box, because they organize the cards by occasion.

Once I cut the dividers down to size and put the cards in their appropriate section, it was finished!  I decided to go for broke and add a cute little label to the outside of the box that says "Cards" on it in a fancy font (it's Chopin for you font-geeks).

Ta da!  What do you think?  The best part of this project is it was completely free! I had all the supplies (box, dividers and label) on hand already.  I think my DIY card box looks absolutely perfect in my new craft room/closet.

I've really enjoyed these quick and easy (or is it quick and dirty?) organizational posts in January. In fact, I think I'll continue them into February. My closets need some tending to ... so my February Challenges will be all about tidying up three closets in my home: the master bedroom closet, the downstairs coat closet and {gulp} the big mondo basement storage closet. Stay tuned, fellow organizational lovers!

See you swoon,

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