Before & After: Bathroom Cabinet

I feel like a proud parent showing you my stunning bathroom cabinet door, painted, hung and functional!  I must admit, hanging a cabinet door on your own is no small task (I thought it was) so there was a lot of swearing and sweating, not to mention some of the strangest positions I have ever stood in to try and hold the cabinet door and drill at the same time!  I am not going to do this again while I am alone just for own sanity but at least now I can say my work was completely worth it, wait until you see these.

This is how we started {Habitat for Humanity cabinet door $4.00}:


Thanks to my power sander that I received for Christmas I was able to sand this guy down in no time.  It had a shiny finish so sanding was necessary for the paint to stick, make sure you really rough it up, don't be scared.

This is my sander, it actually doubles as a saw.  I think it does a few other things but so far these are the only two features I have used.  I would absolutely recommend this one, it is compact and cordless.

OK, so here we go. Coat number one with my Benjamin Moore high gloss paint {a full can from Habitat for Humanity for $5.00}:

I am not going to take you through each coat but it took three coats to get every inch covered completely.  I made sure each layer was as thin as possible to avoid any drips.  So this is what it looks like completely painted, well the backside anyway, you will see the rest in a minute:

Next up, getting this guy hung, sigh. I knew the door fit around the opening of the cabinet but it needed a few adjustments so it hung correctly and so any dark gaps were hidden.  You will also notice that originally this frame had a ridge around it.  I did like the ridge but the door was just large enough to fit around the edges so you would see the ridge stick out in some areas and then not in others.  I guess this would be OK for some but I know it would make me insane so the ridge had to go.  I filled it with spackle, this required spackling and sanding twice to make sure all edges were filled and no longer visible. 

SOOOOOOOO, here is the before cabinet:

And without the ridge:

At last, for the moment you have all been waiting for, que trumpets.....

And finally, the hardware and the mirror my husband loves:

Did you have any home projects that you took on this weekend?  Any upcoming projects you want to share?  We want to hear about your trials and triumphs!

See you swoon,


  1. Nice job! Did you have no cabinet door before, or did you just hate the one you had?

  2. Hi Heather! The cabinet never had a door, we moved in and I knew that would be a project I would have to take on very quickly because displaying our toiletries made me nuts! I am glad you like it!