Tutorial: Hanging a Bathroom Cabinet

You all have seen the before and after of my lovely bathroom cabinet and today I will explain how I hung that bad boy minus all the drama!

We went from this:

To this:

And this my friends is how I did it:

Step 1~Finding the right hinges.  I had to decide if I was hanging this on the outside of the frame or cutting it down to fit inside.  It was easier for me to hang the door on the outside.  Lucky for me, my kitchen cabinets are hung the same way so I examined them a bit and knew exactly what I would need for the bathroom cabinet.  The hinge I bought is called a wrap around or partial wrap hinge.

Step 2~ I held the door up just to get a visual of how it fit around the frame, this also helped me to get an idea of where to place the hinges.

Step 3~ This is where I would advise you to get a partner but from personal experience, this can be done alone.

Step4~Make pencil marks on the cabinet door and the door frame  to show where you need to make your pilot holes for the screws.  You will want to make pilot holes for the screws first to avoid any wood splitting and to make life much easier when screwing the actuals screws into the wood.

Step5~Screw the hinge into the cabinet door.

Step 6~ Hold the door with the hinges screwed in up to the frame and make pencil marks on the frame for your second set of pilot holes.  For me I had to add an extra step that included a shim. See here:

Without this my door left ugly gaps so the hinges needed to sit inside the frame just a little further so the door covered all the spaces.

Step 7~This is when I screwed pilot holes into the shim and therough the frame so the screw would catch both pieces of wood for extra strength.

Step 8~Have someone hold the door up while you screw the cabinet door to the frame.

Step 9~Add any hardware you may have and there you have it.  A brand new cabinet door for you to enjoy and that will stand the test of time.

What projects are going on in your home?  Do you have any planned for this weekend?  If you do take some pictures and send them our way so we can share them with everyone!

See you swoon,

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