January Challenge {week 3}: battle of the (rubber) bands

Week three into my January organizing/decluttering challenge, and I am going strong!  Up today: my daughter's hair bands, bows and barrettes.  As soon as she had enough hair for barrettes or bows, I was all about putting them in her hair.  Now that she is 2, her hair is long and her stash of ponytail holders, barrettes and clips is astonishing.  I think they are like rabbits and multiply, because the drawer where I keep her hair accessories is a mess.  I decided it was high time to tidy it up. Here is the drawer before.

As you can see, it is a mix of hair accessories and medicine-type things like baby Tylenol, nail clippers and her epi-pen.  Since both kids can access this drawer, I decided to move all the meds to a different, higher location, just for peace of mind.  Once I was down to just the hair accessories, I sorted them into three piles: rubber bands, barrettes and clips. I already had the drawer organizers in the drawer: I bought them a few years ago in the kitchen organization section at Target (I think they're supposed to hold utensils).

Once I sorted, I realized she had a bunch of different sized rubber bands, so I took my organizational efforts one step further and divided up her rubber bands within that big bin.  I save all of the Tiffany boxes when I get jewelry from Tiffany's (please: who can bear to part with these lovelies?), so I was able to reuse the gorgeous robin's egg blue in her drawer for a pop of pretty that I will appreciate, and that may hopefully subconsciously begin her own affinity for overpriced (but certainly worth every penny) jewelry.  I even had room for her nail clippers, Triple Paste and Aquaphor on the sides.  Here's the drawer now:

Love it! Now when Little demands a clippie, I know just where to find it.  And the best part: this organizing project took all of 10 minutes and didn't cost me a penny.  Gotta love a quick, easy fix.  If you need help organizing anything big or small, let us know. We're up for the task!

See you swoon,


  1. Great idea for Tiffany boxes! Can I just say I'm overwhelmed by the amount of hair accessories necessary for a little girl :)

  2. Thanks Heather and Patti!

    And Patti, you know I'd love to help you. Let me know if you need any help. Organizing is my favorite (said a la Buddy the Elf)