A little entryway closet organization (part 2)

Happy New Year!

As part of my new years resolutions, I vowed to organize the closets in my place.  I took some time over the holiday break to do just that.  Up today is my beautifully organized entryway closet.  It doesn't stop there, either -- on Friday, I will share my bathroom cabinets.  Can you handle the excitement?

Full disclosure: if not already (and embarrassingly) obvious, the idea of organizing and tidying up spaces makes me geek out like there is no tomorrow. And there is something about the clean slate of a new year that always makes me jump into action this time of year.  I just love to start a new year by taking chaos and disarray and turning it into neat, orderly and tidy spaces.  And we're off! 

I started organizing my entryway closet a few months ago and shared my efforts in this post here.   I knew I had more work to do.   Here was the state of my closet when I started up again recently: 

I obviously had more work to do: I needed to clean up that top shelf with baskets, group things by type and really get a handle on the left side of the closet.  The first thing I did, which is the first thing I always do when I take on an organizing project, was to empty the space entirely.  Like so:

And then ...

I started with the top shelf.  I lucked out and scored three nicely sized seagrass baskets at Target for only $6 each.  Yay!  

In those three baskets, I put napkins and my wallflowers refills ...

My winter hats ...

And random car and other stuff ...

Next up were the four little baskets for the shelves on the left side. I separated them by (1) Big's mittens and gloves; (2) Little's mittens and gloves; (3) my gloves; and (4) cleaning supplies.  I have a great idea for how to label these, but that will wait a bit.  

And voila! Here is the end result -- I added a plastic tub for the paper bags I keep for recycling and stacked up my paper towels on the far left side of the closet.  

Oh I'm so happy.  Have you tackled an organizational issue in your house?  Please share. Feed my frenzy, I beg of you. 

See you swoon,

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