Basket case

Happy Friday!  Is anyone geeking out like I am that today is 11/11/11?

Have Jamie and I mentioned how much we puffy heart with rainbow sprinkles and unicorns on top the Pottery Barn Outlet just an hour away in Lancaster PA?  I think we have ... maybe here and here and here and um, here.   Eek.   We've found the outlet to be very hit or miss.   Well, I got a hit! A big hit!  This gorgeous basket that retails for $90 ... and I got it for $50!

Pottery Barn Low Rectangular Beachcomber Basket
I know $50 is still a lot for a basket, but it is the exact look and feel and size that I need.  I saw it in the catalogue months ago and fell in love with it.  Then I found it in the Pottery Barn retail store and had it in my hand and would always put it back.  $90 for a basket?  I just could not bring myself to pay that.  Every time Jamie and I went to the outlet, I'd look for it, and they never had it.  Then on one fateful day recently when I was there, I happened to find it hiding on a bottom shelf.  I snatched it up, rejoiced, immediately emailed Jamie because I knew she would get it, and then searched for defects.  It was perfect!  And now, it was mine. 

And here is why I needed it:  my console table in the den.  I like to keep a basket under the console to corral shoes.  I had one, but it was way way way too shallow, so the shoes would fall out and worse, were in plain view. This drove me crazy.   I bet it will drive you crazy, too:

And here is my new basket in place.  Doesn't it look great? 

Someone else loves it too ...

 I mean ... really loves it.

No seriously.

The hunt is over and our shoes are hidden and apparently Coco has a new fort.  Welcome home sweet basket!  Please tell me I'm not the cheese who stands alone when it comes to stalking housewares.  Please share if you are like me ... and if/when your hunt was successful in the end!

See you swoon,


  1. Shanna I first noticed that gorgeous basket in your paint reveal!! I love it and that is the perfect spot for it!! I am a housewares stalker too, and I have a PB outlet about an hour away from me too! Dangerous!?!?

  2. Sunshine if you find another of those pick it up for me please? Max needs a large low basket for his embarrassingly large amount of toys. Unfortunately the gargantuan shoes in my house wouldn't fit in that basket.

  3. My cats also love baskets/boxes/containers of all types. Silly things.

    That is a great basket!