Wear It Again: Be There or Be Square and RSVP!

Hey all!

Well lookie-loo here! A very unorthodox late afternoon post from the Swoon girls :)  Just a few more bits of info to answer some recurring questions about our big Wear It Again event on January 28, 2012. 

* When should I sign up?  RSVP NOW!  The deadline to sign up for this super fun girls night out is December 18, 2011.  To register, simply click on the link above, which has very detailed instructions.  We hope to add a tab to the blog soon for even easier registration.

* Am I going to be the only one not wearing a wedding dress?  NO!  Don't worry if you don't have a wedding dress or feel funny about wearing yours.  While Jamie is donning her lovely gown, I decided to wear one of my favorite formal dresses that I haven't worn in ages.  I assure you: you will not be the only one not wearing a wedding gown! 

* Am I going to be the only one wearing a wedding dress? NO! Jamie will have hers on and we know of several women who are totally planning to wear their gowns.  We anticipate a pretty good mix of gowns that night.   And hello - cocktails.

* Will there be food?  NO!  We really wanted to offer something to eat, but it was beyond the budget.  Ticket prices would have been at least double the modest $45 they are now (and remember, that $45 is two hours open bar!).  This is why the event starts at 8 pm: eat a hearty meal and come ready to dance.  If you're really hungry, you can order food delivered to your posse right there in the ballroom.  :)

* What if it snows?  There is no Plan B if it snows.  Yes, the event is January in Philadelphia.  Honestly, the only reason we could get the price we did at the hotel and the talented professionals who are working with us was because it is their off season.  All of our amazing pros have either dramatically reduced or entirely waived their normal costs to support this cause.  

I hope this helps answer some questions.  Don't delay ... register today!

See you swoon,


  1. I love these! I have a bunch of vintage keys that I had framed for a while, but now they're all dumped in a bowl, waiting for me to find something new to do with them. I found you from The Richmond Thrifter. Your furniture redo's for your son's room look fantastic! I'm a new follower. I have to tell you I love your cute sign off before your signature! :)

  2. Hi Brooke! Welcome to Swoon, we are thrilled to have you as a follower!! We love your blog as well, I am drooling over all those houses with pretty faces