The bi-annual Pottery Barn outlet run and an unexpected trip to the Christmas Tree Shop

Some of you saw us check in through Facebook this past Saturday. Shanna and I were the first people to arrive of course sipping the last drips of our coffee then loading up on water to stay hydrated for our second trip to the Pottery Barn outlet.  We had already scarfed down breakfast bagels about an hour before, hunger was not going to stop us.  We must have looked a little crazy just staring at the glass doors waiting for the stroke of  9:00AM but the second we saw the door unlock we hopped out of the car and basically sprinted to our own personal heaven.

I have to say we had a little more luck with sales in January but what we learned this time was if you get on the outlet's mailing list you get to see when they have their big clearance sales which could be complete mayhem if you can imagine for a moment (this will not stop us, we will jump right into the middle of it).

Shanna absolutely cleaned up this time with rugs and bedding for the kids rooms and rest of the house.  Her bedroom still needs a GIGANTIC rug for all the space she has but she made out like a bandit! 

The PB outlet was a smaller trip for me this go around which is OK since I walked away with so many things in January, however, after we left the store and planned out a few other stops before leaving, we came across the Christmas Tree Shop.  I have been in one that was close to my house and had no luck, kind of scary inside and dark but the one in Lancaster was nothing like that and they had everything!  I didn't really go in looking for anything particular except for the most amazing side table in the universe (I did not find it) but on my hunt for the table I came across barstools for $40 a piece and the looked like the Pottery Barn stools I have been eyeing up!

OK so enough chit chat, you want pictures don't you? 

Here are my treasures from PB:

This rug is the perfect size for my front hallway and has a beach feel to match my new glade plug in beach party scent.  I think I may turn my little twin into a beach house by the sea!

I have been thinking about this clock since we went to PB in January.  I know it is just a clock but there is just something about it with it's sleek lines and slight chunky feel that really speaks to me and since I have been thinking about it for six months now I figured it was worth the $20.00.  I plan on putting this on my new crown molding shelves which you will see in a minute for my front room.  

This is where I made my kill.  OK well that sounds gross but this was my unexpected yet totally thrilling find.  PB style Napoleon bartsools.  Check out what I bought on the left compared to PB stool on the right.  I am planning on painting the seats black to match the rest of the chair, not really digging the cherry seat  but for $40.00 compared to PB for $249.00 it is worth it!

 My other steal (I did not actually steal-haha!) was the crown molding ledges which most of you are familiar with I am sure.  I think every home needs these somewhere and I have just the spot for mine in the front sitting room.  For $10 a piece I couldn't pass them up.

Looks very similar to this one, huh? Compare $10.00 to $45.00, not a huge savings like the barstool but a savings nonetheless.

Are any of you obsessed with an outlet store near you?  We would love to hear about your trips and some of the treasures you have found.  We are almost to hump day people, hang in there!

See you swoon,


  1. Love your finds!!! I need a pottery barn outlet closer to my house!!! Although that would mean serious trouble for the bank account Im sure! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those barstools are awesome! And I love me some crown molding shelves :)

  3. I love all your finds, especially that cute rug!!! I have a Pottery Barn Outlet about an hour away, I have not been in a while though!!! Lately it's enough stores close to home taking all my money!! :)

  4. Hi everyone! I am so glad you enjoyed what we found! I was thrilled with our haul (haha, that is what Shanna and I called it) and the awesome barstools! You always find things when you are not looking for them, funny how that works out.

    Our outlet is about an hour away, just far enough to keep Shanna and me out of there every weekend thank god or we would be broke!