I wish I could say this one was from the outlet

If I could DIY a rug I would but these are the items you just have to splurge on sometimes and I did exactly that.

Shanna I made yet another trip to the Pottery Barn outlet, no surprise I know.  It has become a favorite hobby of ours to gear up and head to Lancaster for a day of shopping, hoping to find amazing treasures that we can bring home and tweak or items that are perfect as is.  Of course we want to find furniture and accessories for $20.00 or less but we know that is a bit unrealistic, sort of like my hopes for my new sitting room rug.

I do still love the rug I bought right after we moved in, it was one of my first purchases for the house, thank you Anthropologie.  I do plan to use it in the office (a one day project that has not really taken shape yet) so I can still show it off but for now it will take residence in the attic (sad I know) until my office plans are set in motion. 

I should also say I have been dreaming about this new rug ever since we set foot in the Stone Harbor beach house and have been stalking PB sales every day hoping this would be on a major discount.  Alas, no such luck and to add to the misfortune they did not have any at the outlet.  Shanna I decided to switch gears a bit and instead of going to our regular lunch after shopping we decided to high tail it to Wendy's, eat while driving, and make our way to King of Prussia...to the Pottery Barn store (I know, full price.  DANGER).  Don't worry, it is not as bad as you think.  See, they did have the rug and it was a small sale :)  I will say I spent more than I had anticipated but in the end I am happy to have spent every penny because this rug makes the room.  Coupled with the new blinds and the warmth of the rug this room now has the homey feeling I was looking for.

Recap.  Room before blinds (also a shot with the curtains that lasted all of two days):

Now with the GORGEOUS blinds :)

And now with the Pottery Barn flat braid jute rug.  The room looks and feels so much larger!  I have a few plans in store to fill it up and make it super cozy, you know I will keep you all up to date on the transformations as they progress.

I took this one standing on a chair, I felt the need to get an aerial view for the full effect of the rug and now that I really look it kind of looks like the first picture but hey why not take another look.

So what say you?  Are you a fan of jute and the natural fiber rugs or would you rather stick to wool?  What do you think about the new look?

See you swoon,

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  1. I love jute and sisal rugs. My house is all grey and black with a more modern style, and sisal still works perfectly with it! This one looks the perfect size for your space too :)