Frame Transformation

Here is the second step in my vintage key/frame transformation for the entryway wall art.  On Monday I showed you my finished entry so now I will show you how exactly I got there. 

Gotta love the Christmas Tree Shops!  The day Shanna had seen the vintage keys I had come across this beauty.  OK, not really a beauty but it had potential and I loved the wood planks on this frame so I thought I could rip all of this insanity off and create a custom frame to my liking.

This is what I started with:

Lucky for me everything was just hot glued on so I was able to rip it off and sand lightly to get a smooth finish.  Then I used Sherwin Williams dover white to paint the entire frame, took about three coats to cover all the blue writing.    I originally planned to take the mirror out and add some plexi glass with a picture but then Shanna threw out the idea of using burlap in the frame and hanging the keys on top.  LOVED THIS IDEA!

Break out the trusty spray adhesive.  This stuff is more handy than you would ever think, every household needs a can in my opinion.  So I sprayed the board that was in the frame and pressed the burlap on top.  Instead of folding the burlap over the edges I just cut it along the edge of the board, mostly because when I tried to fold it over it wouldn't fit back into the frame. 

I lightly distressed the frame and then popped the burlap back in:

Last step was to hot glue the keys down.  The glue was a perfect solution to hanging the keys, they had bumps in strange places that made pinning them down very difficult so the hot glue worked just as I had hoped.

One more time with everything hung.  Ahhhhhh, what a nice entry to come home to every day :)

Happy hump day everyone!  Any projects planned this weekend?  Do you find it easy to look past unusual decor and find a way to make it work in your home?  

See you swoon,


  1. I love your transformation!! The wide planks and burlap made it awesome!

  2. Thanks Noelle! I am enjoying walking in front of it every day :)