Swoon-Worthy Site: Favorite Paint Colors

I'm always on the hunt for fun, useful new blogs to follow.  A few months ago, I stumbled across Favorite Paint Colors, which is absolutely perfect for a paint addict like me. 

Kristin has created the most organized (and pretty!) library of tons and tons of paint colors.  Each day, she posts a new color with a link to the source's blog, and she encourages submissions.  Each post gives the manufacturer and paint color name and whether it was adjusted (cut by 50%, 25%, etc.)  I was thrilled that she featured my den color, Sherwin Williams Mindful Gray, just the other day on her blog

Looking for the perfect white paint?  Kristin has the paints organized by color on her sidebar.  Looking for a paint that would look great in your bathroom? She also has paints organized room by room. Want ideas on exterior color combinations? She's got a tab for that too.  I warn you: you could spend hours clicking through this site!  I've also found a bunch of new blogs to follow through the submissions on her site.  Check her out if you are in need of paint color ideas (or if you're like me and just enjoy looking at them for fun)!  Happy painting!

So, who among us is addicted to painting like me? I know Jamie is ... though we both agree that the paint love starts to die down a bit after the second coat.  Let's share stories! 

See you swoon,

{Note: Favorite Paint Colors has not paid or otherwise comped me for this post today. I just love the blog and wanted to spread the word}


  1. Sounds great. we will head over to take a look. Thank you. Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. What a great idea for a blog! I'm going to check her out!

  3. Thanks you so much for featuring me today, Shanna! You are so sweet! Have a great Thanksgiving!

  4. Thanks for another blog to swoon over :)...Your living room looks so pretty!! Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!! Looking forward to Christmas Decorating!!

  5. That was good and nice one. So I can just cut off to half my old paint rollers just to use it for tinier spaces. Thanks for sharing that! Link

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