Friday: Late start!

Sorry I am late to the party!  Getting ready for a trip to Rhode Island to visit my uncle tonight and have a billion things to get together!  My uncle has been a carpenter his entire life and is getting ready to retire.  He has offered me first pick from his arsenal of tools so I am headed up this weekend for a much needed, overdue visit and to look through all the beautiful tools :) 

I will be sure to take pictures of the town for all of you to see, I have been there a few times and remember it to be so quaint and inviting.  Hopefully the weather cooperates so I can get in some quality time walking around.

Here is a little taste and to be honest exactly how I remember it!  I will not get a chance to visit the mansions this time around but if you ever stay in this area you must make sure to spend a day visiting them.  Check them out here.

Anyone travelling this weekend or have fun stories from a trip you've taken to New England?  Happy Friday all! 

See you swoon,

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