Swoon-Worthy Style: the Royal Wedding!

Please tell me I am not alone in waking up to watch the wedding between Prince William and Kate Middleton last week?!?  Granted, I am up every day at 5 am, so this was not a big deal for me, but I gotta say, I loved having friends around on email, Facebook and Twitter to buzz about all the glorious details and fashion.  I know the Internets have totally covered every aspect of the wedding, but I'm a sucker for a wedding, so here are a few of my favorite details.

royal wedding

I love her gown.  It is so reminiscent of the gown that Grace Kelly wore on her wedding day that you couldn't help but compare Princess Kate to Princess Grace.

Then that bouquet! I have a soft spot for lily of the valley.  Love the simplicity and elegance of a small bundle of lily of the valley.  

And I know Kate was the bride, but her sister Pippa (love.this.name.) chose some absolute stunners for her gowns!  Her bridesmaid's gown was lovely and chic - and somehow managed to be appropriate for a formal church wedding but sexy at the same time.  And did you see her dress for the after party?  ohmygosh - amazing.  I love pretty much anything Temperley London creates, but this blew me away.

I also *love* Prince William's uniform.  I am a sucker for the red and turquoise combo and have been since I studied in Rome in 1996 and saw a dress with those colors in the window of Versace on the Via Conditti.  

The hats.  Oh, the hats. Jamie and I were emailing that we need to bring hats and fascinators back to weddings in the States.  They are so amazing!  Here are a few of my faves.

Anybody want to talk about the royal wedding today?  Pretty please?  What was your favorite dress and favorite hat?  I loved Kate's wedding gown and Pippa's green dress ... and I love love love Carole Middleton's {Kate's mom, first hat picture above} hat the best.  

See you swoon,


  1. I love Kate's dress. Simple, yet elegant. I agree that the green dress is stunning. The hats are amazing too.

  2. I want to slap victoria beckham until she smiles - or has an expression other than pruney.

    otherwise total agreement - loved The Dress and Pippa was amazing. Kate's, sorry Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge's evening dress as well.

    QEII stole the show as always - I love her.

  3. Ha, Patti! I know - maybe Posh's feet hurt. I think her shoes look uncomfortable.

    As for QEII we are in agreement. Love that there were actually wagers on what color she would wear (odds were on yellow).

  4. those shoes were ridonkulous - and coming from me you know that's saying something!

  5. Shan, if I have a wedding- HATS. You know it. HATS. BIG RIDICULOUS HATS. I love the casual chic style of the guests. HAAAATS!

  6. Julia yes!!! You must have a wedding if only for the hats.

  7. I'm late to the party......but I too love the hats!!!! So elegant and stately!!! The whole wedding was just so "Swoon Worthy" :)Loved it!!