You have to try this: Lemonade Mojito Punch

Shanna introduced me to this irresistably tangy, thirst quenching, cocktail at her housewarming party a few years back and it has been a go to cocktail for house parties ever since.  I say this like I have a house party every weekend which unfortunately is not the case but when I do this is the first drink I think of.

I think about getting one of these~Bed Bath and Beyond Pedestald Beverage Jar:
This one may be a little more practical since it has a frozen cooling cylinder that will keep your beverage from getting too watered down~Bed Bath and Beyond Beverage Dispenser:

Once these are filled with mojito's then I will entertain with one of these filled with all sorts of refreshing coktails and mocktails~Ikea Applaro Serving Cart:

Are you day dreaming yet?  I am!  Now back to the cocktail/mocktail (if you decide to leave out the alcohol).

Lemonade Mojito Punch:

1/2 cup mint leaves
1 cup sugar
1 cup water
4 cups vodka- Optional4 cups fresh squeezed lemon juice (about 30 lemons) This is not a cruel joke, you really need this many.5 cups club soda
2/3 cup superfine sugar


1. Make sugar syrup. Combine 1 c. sugar with 1 c. water in small saucepan over low heat. Cook until sugar has dissolve.

2. In large bowl, muddle sugar syrup with mint leaves.

3. Add vodka, lemon juice & superfine sugar. If making ahead, refrigerate at this point and add the 5 cups club soda just prior to serving.

4. Garnish with mint leaves & lemon rounds.
Last but not least, ENJOY!!

Any go to summer drinks you want to share?  We need them for our recipe boxes so send them on over!

See you swoon,   


  1. Yum yum and yum! That drink sounds delish. I *heart* mojitos, and this one sounds awesome. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Yum... this looks so delicious and refreshing! I love the jug. BTW, I love your blog! The gray & yellow together look fabulous!

  3. Oh that sounds delicious! Definitely bookmarking this recipe! love, love, love the look of your blog!

  4. I am sorry to everyone who wrote comments here last week, blogger went down so we lost a few comments. Thank you for checking out the recipe and I hope you all enjoy trying it!