Bedroom decor coming to a close...or is it?

Last weekend was full of smaller projects for me, so far you saw the bathroom paint job, the kitchen shelf paint job and now for the last of them, hanging the mirror that I have had forever in the bedroom. 

I will tell you this mirror makes the room feel so much bigger not to mention filling in this huge blank yellow wall has been  satisfying too! 

This is what we had before:

I had to use some deck screws since we have plaster walls and they really did work like a chram.  I was nervous at first that they would not hold the heavy mirror but so far so good!  I bought the mirror at Home Good's and painted it Dover White, LOVE.

Not a huge fan of the alarm clock, however, this is not a fight I want to pick with my husband since this really is his side of the room.  Maybe one day I will find a new home for it but for now this is what we have!  I am thinking on a lamp change sometime in the near future, maybe a pop of color would be nice and my dream to re-paint the bedroom has not died yet.  Last weekend Kelly asked me to paint the bedroom one uniform color because I literally had 27 paint swatches on the wall.  I agree it is nice to have fully painted walls while I figure out the perfect beige that will match my dream bedroom from HOUZZ :)  If anyone out there has any suggestions on the perfect beiege,  I am all ears.  I am looking for a grown up, warm, yet not too tan color like the one in this room.  It feels warm yet light, airy & bright, talk about a tall order!

LA bedroom modern bedroom

Happy Friday everyone!

See you swoon,


  1. Love the color that you chose for the bedroom. It's cheerful, yet calming at the same time!

    Have a great weekend :)

  2. I am so glad you like it! I thought it was too yellow at first but I have to say I am enjoying some color in my life!