Swoon Worthy Style Icon: Grace Kelly

Wednesdays are turning into "style icon" day here at Swoon.  Last week, I blogged about Audrey Hepburn.  Up today: Grace Kelly.  How can you not love Grace Kelly? A Philadelphian by birth (yay!), she was a model of poise, grace and classic beauty from her early days as an actress to her later years as the Princess of Monaco.  She had a cool iciness to her, which kept her from looking too sweet or too "girl next door."  Yet, she was not so aloof that she appeared too patrician.

Here are some of my favorite shots of Grace Kelly and her timeless style, including her most famous wedding gown, from which brides today still draw inspiration (including yours truly!).

What's your favorite Grace Kelly look?  Mine is most definitely her wedding gown.  Timeless perfection ... and it doesn't hurt that she is carrying my favorite flowers, lily of the valley.

See you swoon,

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