Shanna's {New} Home: Plans for the Den

Happy Memorial Day weekend everyone! I hope that you all have a terrific long weekend filled with friends, family, fun and gorgeous weather.  Since my announcement on Monday that I'm moving (squeeee!) I will be busy packing!  But all the while, my mind will be swirling with ideas for the new digs.

Up today are my ideas for the den, which is the room where we'll spend most of our time.  Here is what the den looks like right now:

Here is a close-up of the built-ins and fireplace:

My plans are to paint the built-ins Dover White by Sherwin Williams and somehow beef up that mantle. Maybe paint it, maybe replace it ... not sure yet.  I'm also undecided about the stone on the fireplace.  I might paint that sucker too.   

We have a flat screen television, and ours will hang right over the fireplace where the one in this picture is.  I'll have fun decorating the bookcases with family photos and little decorative things that mean something to us.

I'm going to bring in a sectional - I have always wanted a big, cozy sectional and this space is perfect for one!  I am debating between the IKEA Ektorp and the IKEA Karlsdad.  They're about the same price and seem to get good reviews but have totally different looks.  I'm leaning a smidge toward the Karlsdad as of today.  I'll probably go with gray for the fabric.  Here they are:

IKEA Ektorp Sectional Sofa
IKEA Karlsdad Sectional Sofa
I'm not sure about the windows.  I found a gorgeous West Elm Parsons coffee table on Craigslist this past weekend for just $50.  It's walnut in color but I will surely paint over it.  I love the chunky lines of the piece for us to prop our feet on, and I also love that I can store some baskets of toys on the bottom shelf.  I was eyeing these up on the West Elm site, and they go for about $300.

And that's about all I've got right now!  We will eventually put hardwoods in the space when we redo the kitchen, so I'm trying to imagine my room having wood on the floor when I pick my choices.  As for decor, I am not sure about colors or patterns, but that is the fun part!  I'm sure I will go with the colors I gravitate toward: pale neutrals, whites, blues, grays and maybe pops of other colors like teal, yellow, pink ... maybe even navy.  I do know that I'll keep doing in the new house what I did in my current house and continue the same style.  I love it.

Do you have any advice or tips? Where do you fall on the Ektorp v. Karlsdad divide? Please weigh in if you have one of these sofas!  I'd love to hear.

See you swoon,


  1. There are so many possibilites for that fireplace and built-ins. You may love the natural color of the stone once you paint the shelves and mantel. I can't wait to see what you come up with.
    I tend to gravitate towards the slipcovered look for sofas, so I like the Ektorp a smidge better. I'm sure you will pick the right one for your style and it will look fab! :)

  2. for a den I'm thinking the Ektorp. It looks more flop-inable you know grab your cup of tea in the kitchen and flop into the sofa to sip and watch Project Runway.

    The Karlstaad is nice (in fact it's on my list of sofa choices) but I think for a more casual vibe the Ektorp wins.

    See what you think of the stone after you paint the built ins. I"m not a fan of it personally but coupled with the lightness you're planning it may be less severe looking.

  3. Thanks guys! I need to go check out the couches at IKEA and see what style makes more sense. I'm pretty sure the fireplace will get a coat of paint ... the variation in the stone just doesn't jibe with my style. Thanks for your advice! Keep it coming!

  4. ITA with Patti about the Ektorp. It looks very comfy for a den while the Karlstaad looks more formal. But I'm sure whatever you choose will look fantastic! So exciting!