Back on track again

For a while I have been painting paint square after paint square on my walls to try and pick the perfect colors for each room.  I probably should have stuck to one room at a time to avoid the rainbow that my second floor became but the more indecisive I became on a color for one room, the more I bounced around hoping to stumble upon a  perfect color for any room just to get some satisfaction.

When I say paint squares, I am not kidding, this is now my middle bedroom:

A little bit insane I know.  You will be pleased to know that the bottom green color is the winner for this room so stay tuned for this before and after.

The room that got me back on track this weekend was the bathroom.  The best part about this room is that it's small enough to finish quickly on my own.  The bad part?  This room has textured walls so getting a straight line anywhere is almost impossible which is making me crazy right now.  At least this room now has color on each wall and covering every inch, it looks great!

I apologize that some of these pictures are hard to see, I tried with lights on and off hoping you can get a feel for the lovely blueish, greenish tones.  Sherwin Williams Sea Salt:

Textured Walls-eek!!

There are quite a few things I need to do to finish off this room including getting rid of the PINK tile, at least it is hidden when the shower curtain is pulled back.  This will be something I tackle after doing a smaller tile project, I am afraid to put my only bathroom out of commission!

Anyone refinishing a bathroom?  Share your pictures and tips we would love to hear form you!

See you swoon,



  1. I just love Sea Salt! It's funny how in different lights it will look more green, more blue and/or more grey. It's a lovely beachy, calming color.

  2. Looks GREAT! Im the same way with paint squares on the walls. They look SO different on the paper...gotta put it on the wall!!!

  3. I love the sea salt so much, it really does look different in all lights! The paint squares are totaly necessary, the paper chips are so hard to get a feel for how the color will look in the room, I need it to cover a bigger surface area so lots of colored squares is the only way to go.