Welcome to my oasis

The birds are singing the flowers are blooming and I am enjoying every second of our first spring in our house!  When we bought our home last October it was still slightly warm and the back yard was in great shape (not covered in two feet of snow) so it was very easy to fall in love with it.

I went out last week and rememebered all over again why this little piece of earth captured my heart.  It seemed like overnight our beautiful kwanzan cherry tree had bloomed and it was nothing short of spectacular!  It was so fluffy and pink, I LOVE fluffy flowers! 

Welcome to my back yard (oasis):

I just want to roll around in it!  Now all good things must come to an end unfortunately so after a couple of hot days this is what happened, BOO!

We still really love our yard even though the pink flowers are gone, at least we can look forward to this every year!  The only downside?  All of the pink flowers that fall into the pond, yikes, now that was a mess.  Before I leave you for the day I will introduce you to our outdoor babies who all made it through the winter!

The yard is a work in progress so I will have some projects to share with you as the warm weather continues.  What are your outdoor projects?  Any pictures you have to share with us?

See you swoon,


  1. Jamie - Your back yard is gorgeous. I cannot wait to see more photos of it during the Summer, and I love your little fish pond.

  2. Thank you ladies! I am so glad you stopped in, and yes stay tuned for more projects!! First up? Lowe's for some fence repair, time to break out the tools.