What Would Jamie Wear: Summer Wedding in Elmira

I mentioned on Wednesday that Shanna and I have an upcoming wedding that we will be attending for our husband's cousin in July.  Shanna and I both have been talking about what to wear, and most importantly on that topic, do we buy something new or make due with what we have in our closets already?  Tough call.  The money saver in me says to go with what I have, I must have something I have worn in the past that I can wear again, right?  No.  I am not sure what I wore in the past but I must have given all my clothes away because I have nothing.  A new dress it is!  Yay!!
Here is the dress I keep coming back to.  Of course I love the color navy but the style seems like something I could wear again without having to wait for another wedding to come around.  I have yet to try it on so this could be a disaster on my body but for now this is what I am leaning towards for my wedding attire.

J Crew Short Sleeve Hideaway Dress $88.00!

I would like to get a belt like this to add some color and break up the solid navy.  J Crew Pin Slim PAtent Belt $29.50

Now for some fun, SHOES!  I thought it would be fun if I show you some of the front runners that I am considering and then take a poll on which shoes you would choose for this outfit.  Here we go!

A) Anthropologie Salutations & Closings Heels
B) Ann Taylor Perfect Lizard Peeptoe Pump
 C) Anthropologie Sequin Garland Heels
D) Zappos Lumiani Glen

E) Urban Outfitters Sessun T-Strap Mini Wedge Heel
F) Urban Outfitters Sessun Hampton Heel

Happy Friday!  I cannot wait to hear what you think!!

See you swoon,


  1. Cute dress...I love shoes b and c!! Where are the hat choices? :)

  2. Love seersucker. It is such a versatile and fresh fabric to wear and to work with.

  3. Hmmm hat choices, what was I thinking!? Next time I will have to add those in :)