Bye-Bye Ivy Contact Paper

After six months in my house I finally decided to get rid of the ivy contact paper on the kitchen shelves and paint them a pretty bright white, amazing what white paint does.  You would think after painting almost everything white in my house it would no longer surprise me to see the drastic change it makes but it gets me every time.  The whole room is brighter, the shelves look bigger and have a much more finished look to them.

I have to give Shanna some credit here, she did remove a lot of contact paper the first weekend we lived in the house, I just finished it off last weekend and did the painting. 

Step #1, look at ivy contact paper with old blue paint tape and ponder:

Step #2, commence scraping:

Mistake #1, and one that I will not forget again was to prime these guys.  I was so excited to get the white paint on the shelves that I skipped this step all together.  It probably would have saved me a ton of time since it took me four coats and two days to get these completely covered without any primer.  Never again, primer is your friend, repeat that after me, primer is your friend.

Fast forward through painting, we all know how that goes, brush back and forth a billion times aaaaannnnnndddddd:

There you have it (this one was a little streaky but is completely covered now)!

How is that for some instant gratification on this beautifully rainy hump day!?  We want your before and afters to be featured right here so please send them our way!  Are you working any furniture projects or painting any walls?  Share your colors with us, you know how I love those color swatches :)

See you swoon,


  1. Much better than the ivy! Isn't it amazing what bright white paint will do?

  2. Wow!! I'm diggin' this! And that print should make you smile every time you go to brush your teeth in the morning! :o) Way to make something go from super dull to amazing!!

    Sarah Kate